Power One Telecom

Get Your Used Power-One Telecom Network Solutions

Power-One was started in the mid-1990s to create new solutions around mobile phones, related software and manufacturing services for a variety of parts. Its telecom division grew out of HC Power and focused on network control solutions and power for cooling platforms as well. The company slowly transitioned to other areas of focus and became a leader in solar photovoltaic inverters. It was acquired in 2013 by ABB and spun off some of its solutions as the company focused more on the solar market.

ABB has grown recently, however, and reached back into data centers, process automation and specialty power distribution and transmission capabilities for a variety of industries.

While the names have changed and leadership has a different focus, the quality of Power-One Telecom solutions remains strong. We’ve seen a variety of used Power-One Telecom rectifiers still up and running. It could be the right solution for your growth and budget management thanks to its longevity.

Save With Worldwide Supply

You can secure the used or refurbished Power-One Telecom equipment that’s right for your network by working with Worldwide Supply. We specialize in EOL and EOS equipment with a comprehensive repair and refurbishment lab of our own. Everything we sell has been thoroughly tested and brought up to original OEM standards before it hits our shelves for sale. And, all equipment you buy from Worldwide Supply is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Look through our options below to find the best fit for your network or contact us if you’re considering selling your used Power-One Telecom networking equipment.