Noran Tel

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Noran Tel is a telecom equipment brand that operates mainly in the U.S. and Canada. Its primary offerings include power distribution services such as fuse and breaker panels, alarm panels, battery distribution bays and converters. It also has a line of network transmission equipment covering both digital and analog options. As part of its alarm systems and efforts, Noran Tel provides monitoring options that can check remote and client sites for concerns about air flow, temperature, smoke, humidity and battery plant health.

Noran Tel became a subsidiary of Westell Technologies under a deal in early 2007.

Refurbished Noran Tel Panels and More

Worldwide Supply stocks a variety of fuse, alarm and breaker panels from Noran Tel. These are reliable units that meet a wide range of industry standards and needs. They integrate well with equipment from its Westell parent as well as networks made up of gear from multiple OEMs.

Refurbished Noran Tel panels provide the same reliability as new options thanks to in-house specialists here at Worldwide Supply. We review every panel, make any necessary repairs and then test them in real-world scenarios. We’ve achieved multiple standards and certifications, including ISO 9001:2008 and TL9000, that attest to our abilities to give you reliable protection.

Panels and other used Noran Tel equipment can also be covered by our NetGuard maintenance program that provides significant savings and simplification of total network maintenance needs. Find the right solution and then contact us to learn about the savings available to you.

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