Quality Set-Top Boxes From Nighthawk Systems

Nighthawk Systems is a leading AMI company in the U.S. It had a short run as a provider of IPTV assets and technology when it purchased Eagle Broadband in 2007. Nighthawk acquired the high-definition MediaPro IP3000HD set-top boxes under that deal, as well as a variety of orders for the STB with hospitality brands.

While the company has since shifted its focus to advanced meter solutions and AMI cloud technologies, many of the IP3000HD boxes are still in use. These solutions provide access to quality wireless networking support and can boost offerings in multiple types of networks and installs.

Worldwide Supply is working with providers to secure access to used Nighthawk STBs and is making those available to you after a thorough review, repair and testing.

Secure Your Refurbished Nighthawk IP3000HDs

Worldwide Supply provides carriers access to a series of MediaPro IP3000HD STBs from Nighthawk. Refurbished options are reviewed, tested and repaired, so you get original OEM quality right away. Plus, you can save as much as 80% off OEM pricing with these used Nighthawk options.

TheĀ IP3000HD supports NTSC and PAL broadcast standards, supports most current middleware and VOD platforms, meets DRM requirements, and is well-positioned for in-room service by hospitality brands across the globe.

If your company is no longer providing service from used Nighthawk STBs, contact us directly. We work with carriers and network operators of all kinds to acquire their used materials and equipment for a cash infusion or greater savings on the upgrades your network needs. Start your journey with our options below.