Buy New and Used MaxOptix Storage Solutions

MaxOptix Corp is a leader in archival storage media with superdrive and medical-grade CD, DVD, DVD+R/W and other media. The company has more than two decades of experience with protected and complicated requirements that come from customers like the U.S. Navy. MaxOptix solutions from Worldwide Supply can help you find the right storage solution for your network’s needs.

Understanding Your Savings Options

Worldwide Supply works with OEMs of all sizes, including smaller specialty creators like MaxOptix, because they tend to know their market and make the products our customers need. By offering used MaxOptix hard drive and media solutions, we help our customers have the proper storage and backup solutions but at significantly reduced costs.

You can save up to 80% off original OEM pricing when you choose our used and refurbished products from a wide range of OEMs. We review, repair and test all used equipment that we buy from customers just like you. Everything is brought back up to original OEM standards with our in-house testing facilities and tested in real-world scenarios. Plus, we add a lifetime warranty for all of this equipment, ensuring you’re protected and secure as you grow.

Worldwide Supply purchases equipment, like used MaxOptix media as well as used Oracle networking solutions, when our customers outgrow it or change their business. This ensures we have a consistent flow of equipment and parts, helping users improve and expand. Your success is our success, too.

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