Kathrein Scala

New and Used Kathrein Scala Networking Equipment

Kathrein Scala is the brand that literally lives up to its motto of connecting the world through a broad set of communication and antenna technologies. It provides antennas and tools for base stations, small cells, antenna line devices, broadcast, ground-to-air applications and much more. Plus, the company has also expanded into RFID technology to help round out its broadcast and reception capabilities.

The new and used Kathrein Scala antennas are purpose-built for mobile service providers to support the delivery and capacity needed in urban deployments as well as to make coverage available and affordable in rural locations.

Base Station Antennas

Kathrein Scala’s series of base station antennas operate across 25 to 6,000 MHz with directional and omni-directional options as well as specific support for the latest CMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiMAX and WLAN technologies.

Worldwide Supply offers refurbished Kathrein Scala options to help you achieve these top-tier offerings as well as a variety of other needs. We review all equipment we purchase and bring it back up to Kathrein Scala’s standards so you can feel secure that your network will be protected and downtime will be minimized.

Small Cell Antennas and More

Our line of used Kathrein Scala equipment also includes some of its small cell antennas built to work with any device and provide higher data throughput for 3G, 4G and LTE networks. Choose a smart used Kathrein Scala option to end dead zones and free up the limited macro resources you’ve got for those subscribers on-the-go.

Browse our full selection of new and used Kathrein Scala networking antennas below.