Broadband operators need specialized equipment to deliver the carrier-grade telephony and high-speed data services their customers expect. Traditionally, companies would need to expand their infrastructure to increase capacity and offer additional services. This makes it difficult for organizations with limited space to grow while keeping costs down. CORWave is a line of forward transmitters designed to solve this problem.

ARRIS, a subsidiary of CommScope, engineered its CORWave optical transmitters to allow broadband operators to expand their services without adding new infrastructure. With multiple transmitters packed into a single-wide application module, operators can maximize fiber assets while keeping power consumption low and reducing the total number of devices needed for forward path transmission. The increased bandwidth from these transmitters supports applications including video on demand and high-definition switched digital video.

In 2020, ARRIS released the most recent CORWave device, the CHP CORWave® 4 Quad Density. However, some operators find that older models offer the performance they need at a more affordable price. At Worldwide Supply, we offer new, used and refurbished CORWave transmitters, so you can find an option that meets your network’s needs and your budget.

The Benefits of Used CORWave Transmitters

When you purchase a used or refurbished CORWave forward transmitter from Worldwide Supply, you can benefit from:

  • High density and low power consumption
  • Support for multiple optical architectures
  • Simplified operations and decreased costs
  • Rapid deployment of new services in fiber-scarce plants
  • Coverage from Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty

We test all our used CORWave equipment in our state-of-the-art facility to ensure you receive products that perform like new. With our TL 9000 certification, we can meet the expectations of broadband operators around the world.

Ready to Expand Your Network?

At Worldwide Supply, we have more than $250 million of products in stock and ready to ship to your plant, including CORWave transmitters. To make expanding your network’s capacity even more affordable, we can purchase the old equipment you plan to replace. To learn more about the used and refurbished CORWave devices we have available, request a quote or contact us today.