Buy New and Used BelAir Networks Equipment

BelAir Networks was a leading provider of Wi-Fi and other network equipment explicitly made for carriers. The company was founded in 2001, and it is known for leading access point development including support for networks expanding into enterprise-grade dual radio tools in the dual-band 802.11n AP. It provides multi-service switch routers, mobile bridges and even multi-radio solutions for defense applications.

If you’re offering a leading next-gen network or want to build one out, BelAir equipment is likely on your mind. Cable operators, in particular, have multiple specific BelAir solutions designed to integrate with standard network deployments. Mesh network support was a top reason to choose BelAir.

Ericsson acquired BelAir Networks in 2002 and brought the company under its brand. At the time, Ericsson made a public commitment to support BelAir customers and said it purchased the company to acquire carrier-grade Wi-Fi networking equipment.

Finding What’s Right From Worldwide Supply

BelAir provides some of the best networking equipment on the market that’s under a name no longer available. Many network operators can turn to existing Ericsson equipment and legacy, used BelAir options for large-scale wireless broadband deployments. Browse our full selection of products below or contact a Worldwide Supply specialist to find what you need.

All of the refurbished BelAir equipment we sell has been thoroughly tested and verified as 100% operational. We bring it up to OEM standards but deliver a savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing. That means you get quality equipment at a reduced rate. Discover your cost savings with the options below.