Get Your Used Alpha Networking Equipment

Looking for equipment backed by a major OEM that is likely to be supported by multiple standards and family product lines in the future? We suggest you look at the refurbished Alpha equipment we have to offer.

The Alpha Group has decades of experience putting together integrated power solutions and systems while standardizing DC solutions for a variety of sites and network tools. Today, the company says, its equipment live in the most massive networks in the world, from edge to core. With options ranging from less than 100 Watts to more than 10,000 Amps, there’s plenty of room to meet your power needs.

Refurbished Alpha Integrated Power Systems

Worldwide Supply provides a variety of refurbished Alpha networking solutions designed to provide power how you need it and when you need it safely. These systems can be integrated with a range of existing solutions for DCs and racks. Our selection of used Alpha equipment spans the gamut of voltage outputs as well as front-access and rear-access designs.

It’s a leader that has grown even more prominent thanks to its merger with Argus Technologies in 2010.

Buy or Sell Used Alpha/Argus Equipment

Worldwide Supply will help you turn your network needs into a small investment for growth. We buy and sell used Alpha and Argus networking equipment. You can purchase what you need or trade in older equipment to serve as a first payment to get what you want next.

Scale up your network with the right tools, whether that’s buying a refurbished Alpha power option from us or turning your existing equipment to find the right fit.