Adtec Digital is a manufacturer of products for the digital television, broadcast, ad insertion and signage industries. They have been an industry leader since 1985. Some of the devices they make include multiplexers, data encapsulators and standard definition encoders. Worldwide Supply has several models of these products and more available in our online store. Our refurbished Adtec Digital equipment provides top value with like-new performance and cost-effective prices.

Features of Our Used Adtec Digital Product Solutions

One of the used Adtec Digital devices we carry is a digital DTA 3050 multiplexer. This product de-multiplexes and re-multiplexes ASI transport streams. It combines incoming SPTS or MPTS transport streams with local content into a single transport stream. The multiplexer can be used for traditional satellite and cable broadcasts for DVB, MPEG and Digicypher services. Its features include:

  • Three mirrored ASI outputs
  • Gigabit Ethernet distribution
  • DTV electronic program guide

We also have the 10-port DVB-ASI transport stream multiplexer and data encapsulator and the digital MPEG-2 standard definition encoder. A multiplexer is a combinational logic circuit that directs several input lines into one output line. These input lines can be analog or digital signals and available at different times and speeds. An encoder encodes basic video streams for CCTV, PEG and MDU encoding.

Why Worldwide Supply?

If you need Adtec Digital equipment, turn to Worldwide Supply. Our products are immediately available and meet our strict quality standards. When you order from Worldwide Supply, you can benefit from our:

  • Warranty protection: Our standard lifetime warranty comes free with every product.
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  • Remote technical support: Our team is available 24/7 if you experience any technical issues.
  • Certified engineer team: We have a team of experienced engineers who are available to help you design and set up your system.

Order Refurbished Adtec Digital Solutions Online

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