Installing a Business Phone System for Less

Installing a Business Phone System for Less

The business phone is as much a modern piece of technology as any smartphone, even if your business doesn’t look at it that way. New options can connect with CRMs and customer data, while you can save significantly by buying used phones that scale as you need.

In many cases, you can save on your business phone system by choosing a VoIP platform. This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses. However, the final decision requires a look at your needs and existing infrastructure. This post will help you determine the best ways to save on the system as well as let you look at used VoIP and Cisco phones that could potentially save you even more.

Types of Business Phone Systems

Let’s take a quick look at some of the core options available for your business:

  • KSU: The basic multi-line phone systems are also called key systems unit options, or KSU. They require significant hardware install in your office or location, but they are still often a very affordable option for small businesses. The downside is that you’re limited in supported features.
  • PBX: Private branch exchange systems, or PBX, are early platforms designed to allow you to call a wide range of people on many numbers. They are simple for your staff because call routing is automatic, and they don’t have to dial out of a single standard line.
  • VoIP: VoIP phones rely on Internet connections to make phone calls. They’re similar to PBX in capacity but often come with a lower cost and give you access to more features and support. Many of the newest PBX systems have actually replaced traditional phone lines with VoIP software, creating a hybrid that can take advantage of VoIP’s cost savings and advanced options.

Making a smart decision on business phone types involves understanding where your business is at today. Typically, the system you choose will be based on whether you’re installing your first platform, replacing a legacy system or expanding.

Installation of a brand-new system usually means looking for smaller options. Because of its limited reach, a key systems unit is a common choice when you have a staff of under roughly 50 people who will be on the phones consistently. KSUs have some advanced features and are simple for a team to learn. It is more manual than other options, but it’s good for an early installation.

Replacement allows you to choose any model based on your team and the reasons for the replacement. For instance, things might stop working or you’re looking for advanced features. Replacing an existing system gives you more leeway than any other decision. Replacing a KSU often leads to the PBX or VoIP decision. If you’re using limited features, you should look to vendors to help you understand what can keep your specific costs the lowest. Often this will be a VoIP platform, but sometimes PBX options are still the right fit.

However, if you are expanding your system, you will be limited to the most modern options. VoIP systems with programmable switching options and automatic routing are a popular choice for growth. Many VoIP options offer top-of-the-line features including power and progressive dialers built for large call centers. They’re built for growth, and you’ll get access to the best phones, too.

Refurbished System Options

No matter the choice you’re making, someone has made it before. That means when you work with a company like Worldwide Supply, there are used Cisco and other phones available for purchase. Buying used phones is not often top-of-mind for businesses, but it is an option that will allow you to save money and still experience the full features of the platforms you choose.

We offer a variety of used VoIP phones from leading brands. They are reliable and proven in call centers and offices around the globe. If you’re transitioning to a new IP system, then you’re already facing a big price increase. You can keep the total costs down by acquiring used Nortel, Cisco IP or other OEM phones.

Smart Choices for Buying Used Phones

A reliable phone is essential for your sales and service teams. Reliability requires testing. Worldwide Supply has an in-house service and maintenance lab where we review and test every product we sell, including every individual phone.

You get peace of mind and significant savings on used Nortel equipment like phones that are proven to be trustworthy. Plus, there are guarantees backing each to ensure they remain reliable. The same service department can also provide spare parts and peripherals as well as maintenance upon request. It’s a single partner to acquire your phones as well as keep them operational no matter how long you use them.

You get to decide what’s best for your business. Used VoIP phones are a smart option for any business that needs to manage its costs while still giving its teams the latest tools for successful calls, customer service and sales. For more information, get in touch with us today.