Upgrade Your Network Based on Your Needs—not the OEM

By Owen Grohman, Director of NetGuard Maintenance

It’s been a record-breaking year here at Worldwide Supply.

We’d love to tout that our success is due exclusively to the quality of products and our unrivaled customer service (that’s a big part of the equation)–but that’s not all of it:

We can also thank the network hardware OEMs for frustrating long-time customers with continual product phase-outs and pressuring them to upgrade after they abruptly pull the plug on support for existing products.

As a result, the “word is out” and more enterprises are moving up and out to Worldwide Supply for comprehensive 24x7x365 protection of their network systems—including products, system maintenance and repairs.

Best of all, this all comes at a significantly lower cost than working with the OEMs, and far fewer contractual obligations. (Instead of juggling multiple vendor relationships, our clients rely on us as the primary point of contact—alleviating the need to deal with disconnected vendors scattered across the globe.

More comprehensive network protection, better product quality for less money?

Partnering with a third party network system supplier like Worldwide Supply is a no-brainer.

Debunked: The “Five-Year” System Upgrade Myth

Several well-known tech analyst firms recently reported that most network equipment can typically last seven to 10 years–and often even longer. This means your Cisco, Juniper, HP and Dell and other networking equipment is designed to last far longer than the OEM is willing to support it.

“CIOs and IT managers across the globe are pushing back and telling the OEMs they won’t just open their checkbooks and keep upgrading servers, switches and cellular stations unnecessarily,” says Jay VanOrden, CEO, Worldwide Supply. “That’s why we started our company in 2004—to give enterprises the freedom to manage their IT needs without the rug being pulled from under them by the OEMs.”

Save an average of 50% on Third Party NetGuard System Maintenance

Worldwide Supply’s exclusive NetGuard Maintenance team has advanced expertise in maintaining, servicing and repairing single and multi-site systems worldwide– end-to-end—from routers to cellular stations to switches that cover:

  • More than 100 supported current and legacy OEM product lines
  • Global state-of-the-art 24×7×365 expert-staffed technical assistance center
  • Custom solutions (Next Business Day, 4-Hour, Onsite Spare, Field Support)
  • Multi-vendor solutions rolled into one simple contract
  • Personal portal access to our proprietary software
  • Contract management, ticketing system and knowledge-based technical library

EOL is a Great Time to Say G-O-O-D-B-Y-E to the OEM Stranglehold

After the End of Life (EOL) announcement, you can no longer order products from the OEM.

This is an ideal time to move to a relationship with a network equipment product, maintenance and repair partner like Worldwide Supply.

We maintain a product inventory of more than $500M OEM brands including Cisco, Alcatel, Arris, Fujitsu, Ciena, Nortel, Tellabs, Nokia, Ericsson and more than 20 additional manufacturers, and ship daily throughout the U.S. and to Europe, Mexico and South America from more than 400 global shipping points.

Find Out How NetGuard Can Protect Your System and Save You Money

If you’ve never ventured outside the OEM, we welcome an opportunity to talk about your business’s IT needs and how we can help.

Email us at netguard@worldwidesupply.net or call 888.328.2266 for immediate contact.

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