Alcatel-Lucent MDR 8000 End of Sale is June 30, 2016

By Claudia Rivera, Account Manager – Maintenance Services

We’ve always been supporters of the well designed and flexible Alcatel MDR 8000 product line. But a recent influx of calls from new clients confirms that many were not aware that today it becomes End of Sale (EOS), meaning the OEM no longer sells the product line.

So network operators are faced with another hardware OEM decision—another costly and complicated upgrade or be forced to subscribe to the untried, expensive Nokia / Alcatel-Lucent Maintenance Services program. (We, too, are still trying to get used to this unlikely Nokia / AL alliance since the takeover).

But there’s a better option that is far less expensive and provides better service for your entire network—not just your Alcatel MDR 8000:

Affordable Network Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Parts

Worldwide Supply’s NetGuard Maintenance offers simplified, comprehensive   technical support and less expensive hardware replacement, compared to the Nokia/ALU OEM Maintenance Program– at a cost saving of 50% or more.

We also maintain strict hardware replacement SLAs; our company-wide on-time delivery is >99 percent (versus OEM replacement services, which often include replacement SLAs of “TBD.”)

Importantly, we can provide an analysis on how much we can save you with just a few simple pieces of information. We will not require a data dump on every MDR crystal in your network; we have developed an innovative workaround that will give you legitimate coverage on every network element using our propriety Service Category quoting system.

Our MDR8000 NetGuard service includes:

  • Senior engineers and technical professionals who specialize in the Nokia / Alcatel-Lucent MDR8000 product line
  • Advanced hardware replacement service (in addition to supporting any additional hardware purchasing requirements)
  • The ability to bundle equipment from multiple OEMs into a single comprehensive maintenance contract
  • A certified engineering team with 30+ years of hands-on experience
  • Global product and service centers offer guaranteed field support beginning as soon as next business day or as soon as 4-hour on-site spare & hardware exchanges to most areas

Your (EoL) Network Equipment Can Live on After the OEM Declares It D.O.A.

Learn more about the upcoming Cisco Catalyst 4900M switch EOS on Oct. 30, 2016.

Worldwide Supply Sells and Maintains Alcatel-Lucent Products

Worldwide Supply’s global service centers make it possible for us to reach every major market in the world within 24 hours.

A hand-picked team, devoted specifically to your company’s unique needs, will be ready to deploy when you need us, speaking your team’s preferred language.

We are currently in partnership with some of the largest utilities in the U.S. helping to manage their transition to non-OEM support. Our team of system engineers and certified network technicians supports large multi-site systems and smaller compact networks.

The Alcatel-Lucent MDR8000 product line End of Sale is an ideal time to transition to a more comprehensive equipment replacement and maintenance program. Let’s have a conversation about how Worldwide Supply can help protect your network–and improve your bottom line.

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