How Fiber Optics & Expanded Broadband Will Improve Rural Businesses

Rural internet is usually limited to options like satellite and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Providers). For rural business owners, that often means data restrictions and poor internet connectivity during bad weather that negatively impact their businesses. With a growing investment to introduce fiber optics to rural and unserved areas, rural businesses can take advantage of opportunities for growth like their metropolitan counterparts. Here’s everything fiber internet can provide along with a reliable, high-speed connection.

Rural Broadband & Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

Overview of Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are cables that contain thin strands, or fibers, of glass. Data is transmitted through these fibers using light signals. The result is fast internet connections at speeds literally 100 times faster than old copper wire connections.

There are also three types of fiber optic internet:

  • FTTP or FTTH: “Fiber-to-the-premises” or “Fiber-to-the-Home.” The fastest, most reliable connection since it uses fiber all the way to the outside of your building.
  • FTTC: “Fiber-to-the-curb.” Fiber gets to the utility pole outside your building, and then transfers to copper cables for the remaining distance. The transfer results in some signal loss.
  • FTTN: “Fiber-to-the-node.” Fiber cables can reach up to one mile of your building before transferring to copper cables. This requires the least amount of fiber but delivers the slowest connection of the three.

Benefits of Fiber for Rural Businesses

Aside from speed, fiber optics optimize important tasks for rural business owners such as:

  • E-mails: With a fiber optic connection, sending or downloading large files will no longer congest your network.
  • Online reputation management: Managing online reviews is as important for the growth of rural businesses as for metropolitan ones. But without the internet, they’re inaccessible.
  • Accounting: Every successful business keeps track of expenditures to prevent going over their budget. Therefore, accounting software is a must for any rural business, and all the best accounting software platforms require an internet connection to access and use.
  • Video conferencing: In cases where face-to-face meetings may prove difficult to set up, video conferencing is a vital alternative for rural B2B business owners who may need to meet with prospects or clients to make sales or discuss ongoing projects.

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