Where Does Worldwide Supply’s New and Pre-owned Telecommunications Equipment Come From?

Since many of the network hardware products we sell are pre-owned, we think it’s important to be upfront about how we accumulate our inventory. By doing so, we hope to clarify any misperceptions about the reliability of current and previous generation refurbished telecommunications equipment.

At Worldwide Supply, the chances of you ever having a performance issue with any of our products is virtually zero due to the stringent quality control standards we established over the course of 32 years in this industry.

And since all of our standard products are backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the product, you never need to worry about the quality or reliability of Worldwide Supply’s 30+ brands, which includes Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Juniper and Nokia.

Worldwide Supply Equipment Origins

Whether our products are new-in-the-box or pre-owned, they have been purchased from judiciously vetted sources, meticulously tested by our engineering team and refurbished to like-new condition.

To drill down further, we’ve outlined our partner supply network from whom we acquire inventory:

Existing Tier 1 Customers

Every enterprise’s technology needs change. As a result, we often acquire equipment directly from our own Tier 1 customers who must be on the leading technological edge and need to upgrade quickly and frequently.

As a result, this equipment has often been used only a short time and still has years of life remaining. But for the short term, the Tier 1 enterprise turns to us to take the equipment off their hands in order for us to install their new hardware.

We acquire this like-new equipment and pass it on to our valued clients at a cost of 60 to 90 percent below the traditional OEM pricing. It’s truly a win-win relationship.

This transaction occurs three ways:

  1. Direct Purchase

Our procurement program is a hassle-free process to achieve a maximum return on surplus network hardware and wireless equipment. We are the largest global direct purchaser of used routers, switches, CMTS, IP telephony, base stations, microwave radios and power amplifiers.

  1. Supply TradeNet

We absorb our client’s excess, outdated or de-installed networking and wireless equipment and they receive a fair-value credit to use immediately toward our newer technology or reserving the trade value for future use.

  1. Consignment/Revenue Share

Worldwide Supply’s track record of proven revenue share partnerships assures consignees they will receive the highest network equipment consignment value in the industry. Clients receive up-to-the-minute status updates, inventory audits, free storage and transportation.

Network of Vetted IT Equipment Brokers and Certified Resellers

Many smaller network equipment resellers lack the technical expertise, customer relationships or financial stability to carry inventory month to month.

Once these suppliers and their products have been verified, tested, reviewed and approved by our engineering team, we may purchase products from them.

How Deep is Worldwide Supply’s Inventory?

This is another important benefit of working with us. Worldwide Supply maintains 50,000 square feet of inventory in our global distribution centers. Every day, we stock millions of dollars in pre-owned, current and previous generation data and telecommunications products.

Worldwide Supply customers benefit from our deep and wide inventory of new and refurbished equipment, all ready to ship to you today:

Our highest demand products include:

This inventory of pre-owned products has been refurbished, tested and packaged in advance, allowing products to be shipped immediately.

Safeguarding the Lifeline of Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving all of us to improve network productivity, efficiency and safety. Technology hardware alone is responsible for supporting apps and devices in order to keep business humming.

We understand the urgency of delivering the right network equipment and installing it immediately.

Equally important, we also know the importance of having a trusted maintenance, repair and support team behind you 7x24x365.

Only Worldwide Supply’s exclusive third-party maintenance solution, NetGuard, frees clients to maintain and upgrade their networks on their timeline–without being forced by the OEM into costly and unnecessary equipment purchases.

NetGuard Maintenance support reduces the risk of any network downtime. It also frees you to focus on IT innovation in order to increase your company’s bottom line—while saving you money, time and hassle.

Our team of technology professionals welcomes an opportunity to talk about where your company’s network needs are headed and how we can help.

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