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Microwave radios from Aviat Networks improve indoor, outdoor and split network deployments with best-in-class RF performance across multiple bands. Expand your operations with higher-frequency band radios to avoid the increasing congestion on lower frequencies due to backhaul usage.

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When you buy used Aviat microwave radios, you’ll increase your operational effectiveness and more efficiently utilize your budget. Used Aviat microwave radios also provide a cost-effective way to support network applications including:

  • Backhaul: Cell and Pico cell
  • Backhaul: 4G/LTE/WiMAX
  • Mobile RAN networks and backhauls
  • Fiber replacement
  • Hybrid network support with MAN fiber
  • LAN backbone support

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Worldwide Supply supports your network growth and improvements — sell your used Aviat microwave radios and other equipment today. These carrier-class products represent a strong investment for expanding networks and for operators that are looking for replacements to maintain existing coverage.

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