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Worldwide Supply understands the challenges today’s cable operators face….

  • Fierce competition for business services subscribers growthCable Industry
  • Migrating the network from legacy DOCSIS to CCAP technology platforms
  • Minimizing customer turnover for video services
  • Maintaining and supporting legacy DOCSIS infrastructure equipment
  • Deploying cost-effective and reliable CPE devices

Answering these challenges requires the right tools in the right location, with a robust network that doesn’t buckle when demand increases. You’ve got the talented engineers to design these changes and supports. Give them the best tools for the job with cable asset management, rack and stack services, cable spares management, equipment maintenance, installation and tech support designed to get your racks back up right away.

We want to be your value-add business partner who delivers the best tools and support your team needs, as soon as they need it. For the majority of our cable operator partners around the globe, Worldwide Supply can offer spares delivery and parts replacements within 24 hours of your trouble ticket submission.

Cable Equipment Services From Worldwide Supply

With over three decades of experience in the cable operator market, Worldwide Supply is the global industry leader in pre-owned and new CMTS, video, headend and networking equipment and services.  Worldwide Supply offers specialized solutions for the cable operator marketplace, including:

  • Hardware and technology support on legacy cable networks
  • EF&I services for DOCSIS 3.0, DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP and other headend technologies
  • Cable installation services across remote, urban, edge and other sites
  • Logistics management programs for expanding residential and business services footprint
  • Asset lifecycle management programs to reduce network cost through headend consolidation
  • Cable asset recovery to create consistent revenue streams from all past investments

Give your network its best chance at surviving and thriving with each new customer application. That means expanding with cable installation services or direct cable technical support, or partnering with reliable experts and engineers who have seen similar problems and solutions before. We’ve got the team that knows your world and works every day to find new ways to improve your bottom line.

Consider us for your needs, whether that’s general network consulting to find the right solution and CMTS to meet new subscribers, or rack and stack services that you can use when the need strikes.

Cable Asset Recovery

Don’t let your investment go to waste, even if you’ve outgrown it. Worldwide Supply offers a variety of cable tech support options including specific cable asset recovery designed to help operators like you generate revenue from equipment that still works. We can intake used networking equipment and provide the equipment you need to replace it and meet your newfound demand.

By also offering cable installation and maintenance programs, including a single maintenance package that covers dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product lines, Worldwide Supply will help you maintain a robust network from core to edge. Try our cable spares management for improved access to parts when you need them, or preventative maintenance schedules designed to minimize downtime and disruption.

Cable Maintenance Services and Tech Support

Worldwide Supply’s expertise spans across a comprehensive suite of products and services that include: Cisco and Arris CMTS, Optical Transceivers, Headend and other equipment platforms, services that range from our NetGuard maintenance (alternative to the OEM at 50-90% cost savings), spares management program, Professional Services or our Asset Recovery solutions including customized Consignment programs.

Tell Us What You Need

We offer a variety of cable installation and maintenance programs, such as cable-specific asset management and recovery, because your industry comes with specific needs and often a rapid implementation of any change. That’s why we invite you to speak with us and let us know your requirements. Together, we’ll create a plan to improve your existing network, get ready to face the challenges of tomorrow and build in protection to keep you secure when it arrives.

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