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Why You’ll Win with Managed Network Services for Healthcare

healthcare networking expertsCost and security are the two biggest data headaches for healthcare providers like you, so we’re here to help you address them both in one fell swoop.

Improving your network is the fastest way to adopt electronic health records and provide better care to your patients, in particular by meeting the new federal requirements for your healthcare network solutions. But putting off healthcare managed IT services will quickly turn into a competitive disadvantage as other providers grow in your area. It’s time for better healthcare network solutions.

Partnering with a leading provider of outsourced healthcare IT services is one of the fastest ways for you to:

  • Collaborate with health providers
  • Integrate across pay systems for better tracking and financial management
  • Ensure robust communications as records move between facilities and care settings, with the patient as the common link
  • Insert healthcare disaster recovery services and loss prevention services into your practice
  • Monitor and track advanced metrics or chronic conditions, bolstering care by improving provider access to data about the patient from multiple care settings

These are the core elements of a proper healthcare network, especially when considering your HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity requirements. Any of these improvements or IT changes can be daunting, especially if you’re one of the 80% of small hospitals with less than 100 beds, rural hospitals or critical access hospitals who have only adopted a basic electronic health record system.

How do you address those healthcare network solutions and concerns? You partner with Worldwide Supply and free up your budget and your team to provide more resources and focus on patient needs.

You’ll save money by accessing Worldwide Supply’s network of tested and certified telecom and wireless products at discounts up to 90% off of OEM pricing, with additional healthcare managed IT services and support.

Worldwide Supply is the preferred IT partner of healthcare providers just like you because we can help you meet ACA requirements for data capture, file transfer and storage. Our HIPAA-certified experts know exactly how to help healthcare brands meet the challenge of collecting and leveraging data while optimizing healthcare managed IT service costs and keeping operations secure.

We’re here because we have deep experience in healthcare network solutions and understand the unique challenges you face.

Hospitals Face Unique Challenges

Many hospitals and healthcare service providers have moved to electronic health records (EHRs) or are on the path to doing so. If you’ve had a troubled path forward or are facing increased penalties due to a slow transition, it’s time to work with a healthcare network support team.

We’ve helped care providers just like you overcome a wide range of issues and concerns with custom healthcare network solutions. Our outsourced healthcare IT services have supported customers in many different situations, including:

  • Hospital management departments feeling strained and overextending their budgets to make room for the technological upgrades required by EHRs.
  • Rural hospitals and small, independent physician practices having a harder time meeting the requirements affordably and understanding the technology required to meet EHR regulations.
  • Safety net providers needing financial incentives and technical assistance to implement IT improvements.

Customer-driven healthcare models are critical to your future success because now patients must foot more of their own healthcare expenses than ever, and many practices are playing catch-up in terms of putting customers first.

Patient engagement is now a survival skill for hospitals and small practices in this new customer-facing, high-deductible, accountable care era. It’s especially true when you look to outsourced healthcare IT services and partners.

By pairing network infrastructure and EHR support with healthcare disaster recovery services, you’ll have a single partner that can help you save money on initial purchases, regular maintenance and in case of an emergency. Patients, power outages and new platform requirements no longer have to be a headache for you and your staff thanks to our healthcare disaster recovery services.

Optimized IT Services for Healthcare

02-save-one-millionHospitals and healthcare providers are being forced to spend major portions of their budget on simply supporting new EHRs. That means you and networks like yours often feel squeezed, and you need to get the most value you can from each investment.

Sometimes that means looking to healthcare managed network services from outside parties like Worldwide Supply.

Our goal is to provide you with healthcare network solutions and disaster recovery services designed specifically to work with your budget and infrastructure. You know that the EHR is more than just a requirement, it’s the tool you need to maximize care for your patients and meet all of the new federal requirements in order to get paid for many of your patients. Getting it right often means you need the right equipment to run and work well with a variety of systems.

And we don’t stop there with our healthcare network support. Our experts and certified-HIPAA security professionals provide industry-leading, fast response and care for hardware issues. Your investment comes with improved spares management and quicker resolution of any repair issues. It’s part of our total healthcare management network services offering designed for your care.

As a provider of managed network services for healthcare, we work every day to ensure you’re getting the help you need, specific to your organization and industry.

Healthcare M&A Technology Migration Services

Equipment, network integration and methods consultation are important during any healthcare data and systems migration when a merger or acquisition occurs. Healthcare M&A IT transitions are among some of the most complex because each care provider has a high level of regulatory, privacy and technological barriers to all activities, but especially in an M&A.

Worldwide Supply focuses on determining the technological and privacy needs and opportunities of our clients as quickly as possible, suggesting and assisting with migrations and changes that adhere to regulations. We’ve spent decades working with healthcare M&A technology migration services. We specialize in fast analysis that allows you to navigate the murky M&A waters successfully with no need to worry about the migration task you’re facing. Let’s simplify healthcare M&A IT transitions.

Every healthcare M&A technology migration service request comes with unique parameters, so our review and management process is extremely robust. Our experts check a variety of healthcare M&A IT transition needs, with a particular focus on:

  • Regulatory compliance and validation of HIPAA security policies for both the transition and the final system that your new healthcare setting employs.
  • Valuations and inventory of IT assets and property plus a true viability assessment of integrating platforms.
  • Due diligence and tech assessment of all the systems currently used and the likely deployments available to you during and after a migration.
  • Direct access to secondary, new and refurbished equipment so you can make a cost-effective transition with the new support you need.

This focus allows us to be your best-positioned, time-sensitive partner for determining project scope, helping you undertake migration and delivering the equipment you need to integrate and grow. We’ve gotten healthcare M&A down to a science, and will apply a customized management system to your unique situation.

For an example of how we approach healthcare M&A technology migration service projects – especially healthcare M&A IT transitions – view our IT merger scope of work sample here.

What You Get From Our IT Services for Healthcare Brands

You can make decisions that ensure reliability and resilience of your network equipment by working with us. You’ll get all of the care you need — and we all know it can be a chore to get care providers to care for themselves — by working with our experts, who lead in network support and development specific to healthcare settings.

For more than 12 years, Worldwide Supply has been providing IT services for healthcare, including:

  • Complete healthcare network support
  • Hardware and technical support
  • Disaster recovery and loss prevention development
  • Network redundancy to improve uptime rates with healthcare managed IT services
  • Full installation services from certified professionals who keep your data safe and secure
  • Technology migration services to move you to today’s leading platforms, either to meet patient demands or support the latest regulations for EHRs and more
  • NetGuard, our low-cost custom maintenance program that can cover all of your OEM brands under a single contract
  • Technical support at the point of care, so your patients see you as a leading provider of modern services
  • Healthcare M&A technology migration services when you grow or your business changes
  • And much more

Whether you’re upgrading to a new platform, expanding your care services, integrating cloud support into your overall IT strategy or facing challenges that come with large volumes of data, Worldwide Supply experts can improve your ability to provide care in an affordable way.

The NetGuard Difference

03-mix-and-match equipmentWorldwide Supply offers all equipment access to our NetGuard equipment maintenance plan.  It’s a comprehensive third-party maintenance package that will allow you to protect your network without needing to adhere to any specific OEM’s maintenance plan—so you can likely avoid costly and unnecessary upgrades.

NetGuard also allows you to mix-and-match equipment so that you can protect your entire network with the same maintenance plan. Our goal is to help you balance your budget while maximize your performance and extend the life of all networking equipment.

For the healthcare community in particular, we recommend NetGuard because of our service reputation. Our federated, global service centers allow us to:

  • Reach every major global market within 24 hours.
  • Guarantee 4-hour onsite service through local strategically placed stocking centers.
  • Deploy a certified engineering team with more than 30 years of technical training and experience.
  • Deliver 24/7 global technical support and advanced hardware support.
  • Provide Insights and healthcare loss prevention service planned support.
  • Create a program of on-site spares and local field support to minimize any network issues, downtime or outages.

And all of that is available on more than 100 supported current and legacy OEM product lines. We’re a true healthcare managed IT services and multi-vendor solution that comes to you in a single, simple contract with a variety of flexible payment terms and options.

Healthcare providers can’t afford network outages because your patient information must be available for each appointment and emergency situation. The additional protections and robust support inherent in the NetGuard package mean you’ll be safe and secure, giving your company the same level of care you provide to patients each and every day.

When you reach out to us, be sure to ask about how we help brands just like you cut expenditures by more than 50% while delivering higher quality of service that virtually eliminates those common OEM administrative issues. It makes us a best-in-class IT provider for healthcare solutions.

Healthcare Network Solutions and Savings: Automation and Digitization

04-our-clients-see improvementsHospitals and healthcare organizations like yours are looking to increase revenue to offset new regulatory burdens and costs. One of the biggest ways for you to grow revenue is by shrinking your cost. Worldwide Supply can help you develop a new IT plan that specifically targets cost savings with robust healthcare network support.

Our IT services for healthcare deliver savings primarily by automating the time-consuming and paper-driven repetitive tasks in your office. These are often some of the most labor-intensive tasks, including transcription services plus the pulling, storage and refiling of charts.

The digitization of healthcare has led to the massive collection and management of data, plus many requirements for how that information must be processed and shared. As healthcare providers like you become more dependent on data, your ability to process, store, protect and back it up will become ever more crucial.

We provide the healthcare network support and automation tools that can help ease all of these processes while giving you healthcare disaster recovery services that will keep your information safe while boosting your ability to process patients and properly bill them, too.

Healthcare Loss Prevention Services

Healthcare managed IT services from Worldwide Supply put the safety and security of your network and data at the forefront of every single interaction. You’ll get access to a complete backup and layers of loss-prevention to allow you to run with a secure feeling. No matter what happens outside, your data is safe inside with us.

Healthcare loss prevention services have never been more important. Your network must remain up or you are at significant risk.

All of our equipment can be secured by NetGuard Maintenance support that reduces the risk of any network downtime. It protects your data and your equipment, freeing up your IT staff to focus on innovations in patient care and EHR management, increasing your bottom line while we help cut costs on staff time and maintenance work. Plus, we’ll assist with healthcare disaster recovery services.

If there’s ever a concern, you’ll experience our best-in-class support with:

  • Certified engineers on staff for configuration support and system design.
  • Specialists who focus solely on IT services for healthcare.
  • 24/7 remote technical support programs.
  • A state-of-the-art testing center for equipment and integration.
  • Industry-leading standard lifetime warranty on all pre-owned network equipment.
  • Our TL 9000-certified quality management system guaranteeing our clients world-class products with the best practices and highest-quality standards in the industry.

Put your hospital in good hands and allow Worldwide Supply’s Healthcare IT specialists to ease your journey toward maximizing IT assets, managing EHR and ACA requirements, and keeping everything secure as you grow your business. Pick the right outsourced healthcare IT services partner, right now.

Getting started is as simple as asking for a free, no-obligation quote that’s custom-designed for your healthcare setting