IT Services for Construction Companies

construction industry servicesTo the outside world, construction is a physical industry. But you know that there’s genuine complexity under the surface, with a complete engineering and development process that is driven by the latest in technology and data. Your network needs to be robust and secure to ensure the validity of everything you build.

Give your team in the back office, in the field and everywhere you operate the best possible access with a robust, reliable connection that supports even the largest of data exchanges. Worldwide Supply has the right equipment, networking systems and technicians to ensure you’ve got strength where you demand it. Let us be your modernization partner and move your team to peak efficiency, effectiveness and success.

Cost-Effective Offerings

The core business of Worldwide Supply is offering the equipment and services companies like yours need at rates you can afford. Whether we’re providing construction asset management services or the hardware to help you expand wireless access to each new job site, we aim to do it at significant cost savings compared to OEM pricing.

We meet that mission by offering a full in-house service and testing operation. We turn refurbished equipment into like-new tools that have the same reliability as new, often with our warranty exceeding manufacturer promises. Everything is backed by our technicians for the lifetime of the device and we run a world-class global parts distribution network that can deliver help, spares and replacements to almost any location at a moment’s notice.

Some of the more specific services we can assist your company with include:

  • Hardware exchange and spares management
  • EF&I field deployment
  • Engineering and design of RF and other asset-control solutions
  • Support extending an existing on-site network or migrating more extensive operations to a 4G network
  • MDU Solutions: we deliver cutting-edge communications solutions to Multi-Dwelling Unit Properties
  • 24×7 tech support that speaks the language of your industry

We’re more than just IT equipment for construction sites. Worldwide Supply is your full-service partner when you need it most.

Construction Asset Management Services

The most efficient operation is one where assets are used regularly and often pre-staged and pre-placed, so there’s no hunting for what you need when you need it. Worldwide Supply’s IT services for construction companies include complete construction asset management tools to optimize any job site.

We’ll help you find and deploy the right sensors to track equipment usage, create yard designations for granular asset tracking and even locate the right software to tie employees and activities to every day on the job.

Maximize your investment in your entire technological ecosystem by relying on our experts and our refurbished goods so you have the right option at the right price.

IT Equipment for Construction Companies

Your presence on each site is temporary, so the more you can rely on mobile devices, the more you can reduce your costs per site installation. Let us improve your network with IT services for construction needs, designed to help you access the plans and other technical items you need so you can stay on-time and on-budget.

We’ve seen the industry shift, with new projects and solutions taking on a different life than before, often forcing companies to focus on new connected equipment as a way to reduce risk. They come with manuals, data, task sheets and documents often too large or complex to be shared over traditional email systems.

Let us provide you with specific network equipment for construction companies designed to grow with your needs and give you everything on-demand. Don’t let 3D BIM data clog your pipes — turn to Worldwide Supply for the right, complete set of IT equipment designed to keep your operations running smoothly.

Network Maintenance for Construction Companies

A core element many construction companies overlook is the maintenance of their network, because it stays the same even as job locations and needs change. You’re focused on daily operations and getting projects completed in the long-term, making a network easy to rely on but not think much about. We’re here to help you think about it in a way that addresses problems before they happen.

Worldwide Supply offers a complete network maintenance package as part of our IT consulting for construction industry operations. Our experts can review your system and your needs, making recommendations based on asset maintenance as well as growth potential. If your work is expanding or you’re incorporating more on-site technology, we’ll help you build out a reliable network that meets these needs and keeps your back office up and running.

Don’t let the size of data get in your way. Choose Worldwide Supply for all of your network maintenance and IT consulting needs.