Managing Your Company’s IP Transition Is No Small Task

But the payoffs include quicker innovation, improved flexibility — and significantly lower costs

By Shawn Grennan, National Sales Director

There’s no negating the fact that these are exciting times for those of us working in the telecom industry. Whether it’s dealing with IP transition, spectrum access, rural broadband deployment, cybersecurity or the latest policy initiatives, we’re all in the midst of planning and implementing new systems to stay ahead of the next technological wave.

I’d like to address the transition to an IP network and how businesses can:

  • Plan and implement this change without service disruptions to customers
  • Maintain a reasonable implantation cost
  • Ensure a continuum of network integrity

Every day, global providers are upgrading their networks from copper wire (that was mainly used in legacy networks) and migrating to IP-based services–coaxial cable, optic fiber and wireless technology.

Right now in the U.S. alone, we still have about 85 million copper-based telephone lines in operation, according to the FCC.

Clearly, we have some work to do if the goal is to move to a solution comprised primarily of IP connectivity.

Finding the right IP network equipment and services provider

While each industry has unique specifications in order to accomplish this task, they all have one thing in common: they need a highly-skilled, well-connected system service partner who can supply network design, system configuration, products and network maintenance—all at a reasonable cost.

Let’s face it—your transition to next-generation networks is going to cost money—the question is how can you accomplish the goal using quality network products and services but maintain the bottom line?

We don’t think the OEMs have all the answers, which is one of the reasons we started this company more than 11 years ago. Not everyone wants–or is able to–continually upgrade their systems.

That’s where Worldwide Supply, a long-standing networking and wireless equipment partner, can help to navigate these changes today, tomorrow–and for years to come.

The Worldwide Supply advantage for companies facing IP transition

If you don’t know us yet, you’ll find Worldwide Supply represents a unique market niche with a band of services we think are unmatched:

  • Lifetime warranties on most products
  • Global partnerships offering 400 same-day or next-day shipping sites
  • $500M in new and pre-owned products in inventory
  • Cost savings of 50 – 90% versus the OEMs
  • Recognized market leader in networking and wireless equipment
  • Focus on high-quality and cost-effective products and services
  • Certified engineers on-call ready to help 24/7

Transition to IP is one of the fastest-moving tech priorities today

Transitioning to IP is a complex process that usually requires external network support and guidance if the goal is to maintain or optimize quality while working within a predefined budget.

The good news is that, in most cases, Worldwide Supply can recommend a solution that allows you to maximize the use of your existing legacy equipment while implementing a technology migration strategy to move your network in the fully IP direction.

Using our worldwide service and product network, we can help achieve your IT goals with high-quality products and support, at a bottom-line cost that will surprise you.

To learn more about Worldwide Supply products and services, visit or call us at 888.328.2266.

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