Fortinet SFP Compatible Optics

If your business or data center uses Fortinet communications equipment, you need compatible solutions to keep it functional and up to date. Fortinet manufactures a wide variety of hot-swappable SFP transceiver modules for this purpose. Their interoperability with Fortinet systems makes them both convenient and cost-effective for service providers.

Worldwide Supply makes it easy to improve data transmission for these systems with a selection of new and used Fortinet SFP compatible optics. Our transceiver modules are perfect for Fortinet users who are experiencing connectivity issues or working toward a network upgrade.

Enhance Your Transmission Capabilities With Fortinet

Transceiver optics are designed to meet specific network speed and performance standards to help network operators maintain business efficiency. Fortinet SFP compatible optics are suitable for multiple media types, and the models we offer range from 10 to 1000Mbps functionality.

Our FG-TRAN-GC model offers a transmission distance of 100m and supports multiple media types. The durable FG-TRAN-SX and FG-TRAN-LX are used for multi-mode and single-mode fiber systems. The FG-TRAN-LX operates with a transmission range of 10km and a wavelength of 1310 nm, which makes it ideal for larger networking applications over greater distances.

We carry a wide variety of equipment so you can get a product that will meet all the needs of your Fortinet system. We have experience with networks of all types as well as hundreds of unique manufacturer products. 

Why Choose Worldwide Supply?

Worldwide Supply’s refurbished Fortinet SFP compatible optics come with a standard lifetime warranty and the promise of long-lasting quality. Other benefits of choosing our OEM equipment include:

  • Reduced initial costs and operating costs
  • Timely inquiry responses
  • Continued network maintenance and support
  • Selling and trading programs for used equipment

Our range of optics and additional equipment will help you reduce network downtime and keep operations running more consistently each day.

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Use refurbished Fortinet SFP compatible optics to optimize your system’s transmission efficiency. Our professionals are ready to help you, so contact us to learn more or request a quote today.

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