Extreme SFP Compatible Optics

SFP fiber optic transceiver modules play a critical role in data transmission for networks of all sizes and configurations. As long as the device is compatible with your switch and router ports, you can use it to speed up data communications and meet greater demands for specific networking applications. Extreme Networks has a wide variety of SFP compatible optics designed to fit the needs of its single-mode, multi-mode and copper communications systems.

By ordering refurbished Extreme SFP compatible optics from Worldwide Supply, you’ll be able to save money while ensuring that the module you choose has all the correct specifications. Browse our list of products to find the solution you need. 

Our Selection of Refurbished Extreme SFP Compatible Optics

Our inventory includes multiple 100BASE and 1000BASE transceiver modules from Extreme Networks product lines. With the help of Extreme optics, you can enhance the capabilities of almost any fiber optic system from this manufacturer as long as the product has the wavelength, data rate and distance you’re looking for. 

New and used Extreme SFP compatible optics from Worldwide Supply range from copper modules with 100m of distance to single-mode fiber modules that can reach distances of 100km. These will help you meet the needs of your subscribers or customers more effectively.

Why Partner With Worldwide Supply?

We offer equipment for both older and newer Extreme Networks software, so we’re prepared to help you upgrade or make the most of a legacy system. Our standard lifetime warranties and thorough testing processes ensure the quality of our Extreme hot-swappable devices. 

When you choose Worldwide Supply for new and refurbished options, you’ll have the chance to save up to 80% without losing performance and speed. You’ll also be able to enjoy ongoing technical support, repair services and same-day delivery options by investing in NetGuard, our third-party maintenance service

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Simplify network management with our supply of new and refurbished Extreme SFP compatible optics. Request a quote today or check out our Trade & Exchange program to learn how you can exchange used optics for new products.

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