C&D Technologies AGM

C D Technologies AGM

C&D Technologies focuses on developing integrated rack systems so telecoms and utility companies have a simple and efficient power solution that arrives in a single shipment and can be set up in a single location. The C&D Technologies AGM power plants remove your need to order multiple parts, acquire them from multiple sources and try to plan all the logistics so everything arrives at the same time.

You can ignore all of that while ensuring everything is compatible by selecting a C&D AGM seismic battery rack plant. C&D AGM power plants are best matched to FA-series batteries to support a wide range of applications and real-world scenarios.

Worldwide Technologies has seen our refurbished C&D AGM plants go to work for cellular brands and telecoms, operate in colocations and as competitive local exchange carriers, support private branch exchanges, support ISP activities and even deliver personal communication applications for large clients.

Benefits of a Used C&D AGM

C&D Technologies AGM plants like the 600 series offer an efficient package with modular support for easy replacement and customization. It’s a leading system for supporting and powering any growing network.

Plus, you can take advantage of its modular design to adapt the plant for future deployments. Get ready for those deployments sooner when you select a used or refurbished C&D AGM from Worldwide Supply. We fully inspect and engineer each C&D AGM to ensure it is up to proper standards and then back our work with a limited lifetime warranty.

That allows you to save on your plant purchase and put that savings directly into other system improvements and developments. Get the plant you need to run an entire custom rack and support the growth and changes in that rack whenever your company is ready for its next step.

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