C&D Technologies HFM Rectifiers

CD Technologies HFM Rectifiers

C&D Technologies’ HFM line of switched mode rectifiers boost network capabilities all around the world in a variety of applications. This robust lineup of C&D HFMs operate in concurrence with battery systems to deliver an uninterruptible supply of DC power. Some models also support parallel operation of multiple rectifiers to ensure you’re always ready to go with the appropriate load.

Among the C&D Technologies HFM series is the HFM 24/150 modular unit that can share current with a variety of other rectifiers but is a small enough unit to support simple installation and expansion when you need it. It’s an optimal deployment option for PCS, cellular and microwave applications where you’re limited by space, remote access and other extraneous factors.

Core Features of C&D HFM Units

Worldwide Supply stocks new and used C&D HFM rectifiers that are hot-swappable, allowing for fast replacement without taking your plant offline. Each model supports adjustable output current limits, typically ranging from zero to 150 Amps DC. Limits are easy to set and allow for parallel deployments that keep equipment and your satellite sites safe.

Give your network the power and security it needs with a refurbished C&D HFM, allowing you to save on the initial purchase and include enough units that you’re always working safely. Any used C&D HFM rectifier we offer has gone through rigorous testing to be certified as operational for real-world scenarios. It only goes out to you if we’d trust it with our own mission-critical operations.

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