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C&D Technologies DC Power Systems Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of new, used and refurbished C&D Technologies DC power systems. Our C&D Technologies inventory focuses on the company’s AGM and HFM plants and rectifiers. You can get what you need to keep your system going strong with the right setup from Worldwide Supply.

Whether you need to supplement your existing DC power systems, replace parts before they fail or upgrade to a new platform, we can help you meet your goals. We sell and buy C&D Technologies DC power systems as well as many other products from a wide range of OEMs.

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C&D Technologies: AGM Plants and Rectifiers

Get the complete, prepackaged power solution you need with the C&D Technologies integrated rack system. Worldwide Supply stocks the AGM 600 Plant, the heart of the platform, because it has a track record of delivering years of reliable service.

The AGM 600 Plants support both seismic and non-seismic deployments. When you pair it with your existing FA-series batteries, you’ll get the power you need in industries such as personal communications, controlled environmental vaults, private branch exchanges and more.

To offer you the most AGM technology, Worldwide Supply provides peripheral equipment when we buy and sell C&D Technologies power systems. For the absorbent glass mat designation, we also stock the HFM48AC7.5 48VDC, 7.5Amp switch mode rectifier.

C&D Technologies: HFM Rectifiers

At the heart of our HFM power lineup is a series of 50Amp rectifiers, 150Amp rectifiers and switch mode rectifiers that enable uninterruptible DC power when used in conjunction with battery packs. Worldwide Supply offers many refurbished C&D Technologies DC power systems designed for optimal use in applications that require the parallel operation of multiple rectifiers. Learn more about our C&D Technologies HFM offerings.

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