Has Your Network Equipment OEM Left You Hanging Again?

Our PREOWNED FIRST Program Reserves Your Future Hardware Needs in Advance

By Ken Bonebreak, Area Vice President

When you work in IT, there’s nothing worse than waiting for a critical piece of equipment your network needs NOW. Your team and senior management are breathing down your neck while you speed dial the OEM, groveling for an estimated ship date.

We’d like to offer an easier, more affordable to way to avoid this situation on popular hardware typically purchased at top dollar from the OEM.

Our solution is simple–plan ahead. Using Worldwide Supply’s Preowned First program, you can reserve new or pre-owned/refurbished equipment, in advance of your eventual need, which will be reserved for you and ready to ship immediately, based on your historical data and forecasted demand.

Upgrade Your Network Based on Your Needs—not the OEM

Preowned First was created to help telecom operators secure substantially less expensive OEM equipment with faster turn-around time. This will help you to minimize crisis situations and budget well in advance for commonly used infrastructure equipment, such as edge switches, network routers, servers and wireless access points.

Whether you use Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper or 25+ other OEM network equipment brands, we have stock ready to ship 365 days a year to any global destination. We also have the technical manpower ready to oversee network equipment installation and testing.

Preowned First Fast Facts

Managed Inventory

Based on a pre-defined agreement, Worldwide Supply will make advanced purchases for your high-volume hardware to reduce deployment timelines and increase network uptime. Custom inventory and usage reports with real-time information pulled from our proprietary SAP ERP system, to ensure we meet your delivery needs and budgetary guidelines.

Lifetime Guaranteed Products

The warranty that cemented our top-tier reputation more than a decade ago still stands today:    For as long as you own equipment purchased from Worldwide Supply, you are 100 percent fully-covered in the event of any performance issues. This also includes 5×8 Technical Support at-the-ready to quickly resolve any problems over the phone–or approve an advanced replacement unit.

Complete Systems

Worldwide Supply product quality surpasses client expectations about “used” hardware. Cisco, Juniper and other OEM products will be kitted to include all ancillary parts such as rack mounts, power cables and console cables to streamline deployment and ordering.  We will work with your engineering team to ensure that products deployed in support of this program are configured for seamless network integration.

Where Does Worldwide Supply’s New and Pre-owned Telecommunications Equipment Come From?

Knowledgebase Access

Included in our Preowned First program is access to Knowledgebase, our comprehensive technical library that provides clients with a secure online interface of detailed reference information by product, platform, technology and part ID.

 Worldwide Supply is Faster and Less Expensive Than an OEM

As global hardware support engineering and technology experts, we specialize in helping IT departments update, protect, maintain and repair their existing systems for years to come–without unnecessary pressure to upgrade.

If you’re an IT manager who is tired of trying to work under the thumb of the OEM, welcome to Preowned First, a better way to pre-plan the hardware needs for your end-to-end network. We welcome an opportunity to partner with you and determine how we can quickly put a plan in place for the future of your system, before trouble sets in.

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