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Telco Operators – A Partner You Can Trust

Telco Operators today are faced with optimizing their existing network infrastructure to support advanced services, enabling not only voice and simple broadband connections to the Internet, but newer services such as IPTV and Ethernet. Let Worldwide Supply help guide you through these complex challenges.

Historically, wireline services have been delivered across a variety of networks, each with its own infrastructure and expense. The evolution of industry standards has made it possible for the convergence of these different networks across a unified network architecture. It is clear that Telco Operators must drive towards increased subscriber revenues through the delivery of enhanced broadband services while simultaneously driving operational cost out of the network. Worldwide Supply has globally helped thousands of service provider’s:

  • Analyze the existing equipment & infrastructure
  • Design a solution that has the capacity and scalability for advanced services
  • Create a seamless migration path for existing legacy services
  • Identify affordable solutions for converged voice, data, and Internet services
  • Create substantial cost savings and efficiency within a network

With over three decades of experience in the Telco Operator market, specializing in pre-owned and new networking equipment and services, Worldwide Supply is the right partner to help solve today’s technology challenges, while maximizing your network equipment and services cost savings.

Worldwide Supply’s specializes in a comprehensive suite of products and services that include: Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Adtran, Calix-Occam, Fujitsu, TellabsOptical Transceivers and other equipment platforms and services that range from our NetGuard maintenance (alternative to the OEM at 50-90% cost savings), spares management program, Professional Services or our Asset Recovery solutions including customized Consignment programs.

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