New and Refurbished GBIC Optics

Looking to upgrade your network and need some gear to get things started? Don’t forget to include GBIC optics modules, designed to make it easier to upgrade and configure a variety of electrical and optical network communication tools. These transceivers can convert electric current to optical signals as well as from optical signals back to digital electric currents.

For the refurbished GBIC optics we offer, there is a data transfer rate of at least 1 Gbps.

Choose Used GBIC Optics as a Smart Alternative

New and used GBIC optics provide your network with a clear path to future-proofing your system while also saving compared to a variety of other high-cost optics and equipment. By refurbishing GBIC optics from leading brands such as Cisco, we can help you meet MSA requirements and have top-quality products, while helping you save as much as 80% off traditional OEM pricing.

Our expert technicians will ensure that all equipment you buy from us has been thoroughly tested and prepared. Plus, Worldwide Supply backs it with a lifetime warranty that is one of the best in the business.

Working with us also gives you access to some of the fastest parts and spares delivery, affordable maintenance programs and even agreements that cover hundreds of product lines and dozens of OEMs in a single contract. These protections apply to our T, SX, LX and ZX refurbished GBIC optics as well as many of our other products.

Use the links below to find top new and used GBIC optics from leading OEMs: