3Com GBIC Compatible Optics

If your organization operates on 3Com systems, you need compatible equipment that will help you keep up with fluid market demands. 3Com was acquired back in 2010 by Hewlett-Packard, but its range of computer networking solutions left its mark on the industry.

Today, we carry multiple refurbished 3Com GBIC Compatible Optics that are compatible with 3Com systems so that businesses and operators can continue to make the most of their current networks. Complete with our standard lifetime warranty, our products will help keep your network going strong for years to come.

A Variety of Used 3Com GBIC Options

Our used 3Com GBIC Compatible Optics are capable of meeting all your data transfer demands. GBIC products, or Gigabit Interface Converters, are excellent for applications that require a high amount of flexibility. These are hot-pluggable devices, meaning you can easily swap out different types of media at any time using just one port.

Even after over 20 years in the industry, GBIC transceivers still offer reliable service to many network providers and enterprise systems. If you need new optics for your 3Com network, these pieces of equipment will offer the functionality and versatility you need.

Why Do You Need Worldwide Supply Equipment?

At Worldwide Supply, we care about more than selling you a product. We want to provide you with a manageable, economical solution that will extend the life of your network. As a result, we support you throughout the buying, installation, and maintenance stages. In addition to our spare parts and repair services, we offer 24-hour remote technical support and next-business-day delivery services.

We work hard to ensure all our refurbished 3Com GBIC Compatible Optics reach OEM standards of quality. When you partner with us, we’ll give you up to 80% off on used equipment that’s just as effective and efficient as a brand-new product.

Browse Our Equipment Selection

Worldwide Supply refurbished 3Com GBIC Compatible Optics will provide a long-term solution for your network. Browse our selection today to find the product you need or check out our Asset Recovery pages to learn how you can get cash for old transceiver optics.

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