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Lorain Power Systems (LPS) still power networks around the globe with leading, next generation rectifiers that provide integrated power, distribution, control and monitoring capabilities within a single platform.

Lorain LPS and Lorain LXP solutions are ideal for a variety of central office, switch site, and data centers while eliminating costly overhead busses and easing your existing plant expansion. Embrace modular design at significant savings when you select a used Lorain DC power system from Worldwide Supply.

We’ll help you find the right option at an affordable rate so you can expand your network, maintain costs and have a future revenue stream to reinvest when infrastructure demands grow.

Core Functionality of Used Lorain DC Power Systems

Lorain DC Power Systems and shelves are packed with the equipment your network needs, all structured around a core centralized controller that gives you a heart that’s easy to monitor, control and remotely adjust as needed.

These modular Lorain DC power systems support -48VDC to +24VDC converters to introduce flexibility and space-saving to your extended network. Used Marconi DC power systems that utilize the LPS platform specialize in single-frame design that increases capacity.

Used Lorain DC Power systems can reduce floor-space requirements by as much as 40% compared to standard DC power plant architecture.

With an emphasis on space-limited central office locations and cell sites, many networks are finding that used Lorain DC power systems are a cost-effective way to manage and grow wireless and wireline networks — especially when plug-and-play support is a must.

Lorain’s LXP Power System brings a similar focus to a broader set of rapid deployment options, thanks to features such as remote access, extensive battery management and support across Ethernet, TCP/IP and SNMP. Check out our selection below and request a quote.

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