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HP Carrier-Grade Server cc3310

Part # CC310

Refurbished HP Carrier-Grade Server cc3310 Available

HP offers a variety of servers built to meet the growing needs of today’s leading carriers. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to consider options such as the HP Carrier-Grade Server cc3310.

This robust service is custom-configured for network equipment providers and independent software vendors that supply both fixed and mobile network operators. Every deployment is unique, so we hope to help you with your specific need and find you the right used HP Carrier-Grade Server cc3310.

Refurbished HP Carrier-Grade Server cc3310 Specs and Features

The Linux-based servers from HP come in multiple configuration pathways to help you meet the needs of your individual deployment. Some of your options include:

  • Intel Pentium 4 Xeon 2.4 GHz with 512 KB integrated cache and 533 MHz FSB; units available with one or two processors
  • ECC memory of Six DIMM sockets: min 512MB; max 12GB
  • 512KB on-die write-back Level 2 cache
  • Multiple low-profile and full-size I/O expansion slot options
  • SCSI controller that is an integrated, dual-channel ultra 320 SCSI
  • 36GB/10K RPM, 73GB/15K RPM, and 146GB/10K RPM Ultra320 SCSI disks, DVD-ROM media drive or CD-RW/DVD-ROM media drive
  • Dual DC or AC hot-swap power supplies with support for dual power sources

Don’t let these and other capabilities pass you by today. Learn about our used HP Carrier-Grade Server cc3310 options and explore many other carrier-grade servers to get exactly what your network needs and deserves.

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