CFP Optics

Businesses and service providers are constantly searching for new ways to make high-bandwidth communications more trustworthy and efficient. Refurbished CFP optics from Worldwide Supply are designed to simplify processes at your organization by allowing you to transmit and receive data at competitive speeds. With our hot-pluggable optical devices, you can develop a network system that will reduce downtime and help you satisfy customers.

You have an alternative to high-cost optics.  Worldwide Supply high-density and low-power CFP optical transceivers offer 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet performance for all of your network and data center needs.  All of our optics are 100% compatible with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) requirements and are tested in a wide range of products and platforms across all leading networking vendors to ensure performance.  With cost savings of 70% – 90% off of OEM list prices, and stocking locations around the world, Worldwide Supply can help you meet your budget and logistics requirements.  All Worldwide Supply optics come with a true lifetime warranty.

Speed up Network Processes With Used CFP Optics

If your company uses an optical communication network, our optical transceivers will deliver the ideal long-lasting solution. These work best for a variety of applications on carrier networks, wireless hardware and data centers. You can use CFP optics to deliver fast, high-frequency telecommunications services through 40GBASE or 100GBASE systems.

Our skilled team of experts ensures that all refurbished CFP optics we provide are suitable for long-term use in demanding work environments. We work to bring each product back up to OEM quality standards so you can earn the greatest ROI for your purchase.

Once you place an order, we’ll make sure you receive the product as soon as possible — often, as early as the next business day. We’re happy to answer questions and provide continuous assistance through our 24-hour remote technical support, repair and replacement services.

How Can You Benefit From Old CFP Optic Equipment?

Once an electronic becomes worn or obsolete, how do you dispose of it properly? Instead of throwing it away or letting it take up space, consider selling to Worldwide Supply. Any old CFP Optics you provide to us are products we can refurbish and add to our inventory, so we’ll compensate you with a cash offer.

If you’re interested in buying upgrades right away, we also have a trading program, in which we’ll take any outdated CFP transceivers and add a credit to your Worldwide Supply account. Learn more about this opportunity on our trade and exchange page.

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