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Tellabs is well-known for offering reliable networking equipment and solutions, including a wide array of multi-service platforms. Whether you’re looking to boost your commercial network’s infrastructure or you need a product that can match the speed and flexibility requirements of the current market, Tellabs delivers on all fronts.

With Worldwide Supply’s selection of refurbished Tellabs multi-service platforms, you’ll have access to more than a dozen popular and older options for an affordable price. Regardless of your network’s current challenges and needs, any of these multi-service platforms could be the key to consolidating your services and increasing efficiency on a larger scale.

Benefits of Tellabs Multi-Service Platforms

The beauty of investing in a multi-service platform is that it reduces the number of separate services and programs you need, which can over-complicate operations and even drag down network performance. Multi-service platforms may help support many of your network’s most challenging applications, providing the greater sense of control you require to keep the system operating at its best. Give your subscribers the quality of service they deserve with a more condensed, manageable platform for your applications.

Our refurbished Tellabs multi-service platforms can improve your network’s routing capabilities while helping you address inconsistencies and enhance the customer experience. These devices support reliable switching, wireline and mobile backhaul on several network types and more. Benefits you’ll receive when you order one of these devices include:

  • Heightened control from a single platform
  • Higher-speed voice and data transmission
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Improved flexibility
  • Greater longevity for your existing network and applications

Whether you’re seeking the modern advantages and third-party application support of Tellabs’ SmartCore 9200 or the high level of session quality offered by a Tellabs 3700 multimedia controller, you’ll find the right solution for your network in this product line.

Partner With Worldwide Supply Today

Our main priority is to make sure you enhance your network with equipment that will keep operations up and running every day. If you’re in need of a replacement piece of Tellabs equipment or you’re ready for a long-awaited upgrade, we’ll offer you a refurbished Tellabs multi-service platform for up to 80% off the regular price. We’ll even let you sell equipment or trade with us if your business is about to retire a unit or device.

All Worldwide Supply’s new and used Tellabs multi-service platforms come with a standard lifetime warranty and unlimited remote technical support. In addition, we’ll keep your product and system up to standard over the course of its life with our ongoing maintenance and repair services.

Check out our list of Tellabs multi-service platforms to find the solution your network needs today. If you have questions about the products we offer, give us a call or fill out our form online!