Lorain Marconi Emerson DC Power

Improve Your Network With Expanded Power

Emerson Power Systems is a leader in delivering reliable power, connectivity, and infrastructure solutions designed to maintain network uptime and reduce outages. Its brands include Lorain, Marconi and Emerson. Introduce time-tested strength and dependability for telecom, industrial and healthcare network deployment by choosing from used Emerson DC power systems, refurbished Marconi options and EOL Lorain DC power systems.

Worldwide Supply specializes in the Vortex Distribution Bay System from Emerson and Lorain’s LPS and LXP product families. We also offer Marconi DC power systems that support intelligent controllers and remote management capabilities.

Sell, Trade or Buy Used Emerson and Marconi DC Power Rectifiers

Worldwide Supply is always looking for power and networking equipment. We’ll buy your used Emerson DC power rectifiers, used Lorain DC power systems and used Marconi DC power rectifiers. If you're looking to sell equipment contact us or give us a call at 888.328.2266.

Feel free to browse our entire selection of Lorain, Marconi and Emerson DC power equipment below: