KMW Antennas

For today’s communications providers — especially those offering mobile services — having the right equipment is essential to meeting the needs of customers. And with nearly three decades of experience manufacturing cutting-edge antenna systems, KMW Communications is a well-known brand name for the type of reliable equipment the wireless industry requires to operate successfully.

KMW Communications manufactures a wide variety of antenna systems. Their equipment covers AWS, US PCS and WiMax band frequencies. What’s more: They make antenna systems in an assortment of sizes and gains to meet wireless providers’ needs — particularly providers that are looking to optimize their networks.

Now you can purchase used and refurbished KMW antennas from Worldwide Supply at a fraction of the price you’d pay for new equipment — yet with all the quality control and technical support you need to optimize your service offerings and overall network.

Advantages of Used KMW Antennas

With savings of up to 80% off OEM list prices, our broad selection of used KMW antennas includes the following features and advantages:

  • Sturdy construction for extended equipment life
  • Cylindrical design to cut down on wind loading
  • Support of multiple frequencies and technologies
  • Remote control capabilities available in select antenna model types
  • Support of AISG or DC Pulse protocol
  • Availability in various gain and beam widths
  • Capability of +/- 45 degree slant dual pole
  • And much more

Technical Support and Warranty Included

We appreciate that your wireless system’s infrastructure is a major capital expense. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on all the used and refurbished KMW antennas we offer. Plus, if at any time you need technical advice and/or support, our experts will be standing by to assist — at no extra cost to you.

Buying and Selling Used KMW Antennas

If you’re looking to sell your current wireless network equipment as part of an infrastructure upgrade, why not sell to Worldwide Supply? You’ll get top dollar for your old equipment — in cash or as part of a trade-in toward other products from our vast inventory of over $250 million worth of products ready for immediate delivery.

Save without ever sacrificing on performance. Learn more about our used KMW antennas. Request a quote, fill out our contact form or call us directly at 888.328.2266.

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