During the height of its business, Sun Microsystems, Inc. sold a wide range of computer technology equipment such as software, servers and system parts. Sun was known for delivering high-performance server computers, which provided excellent storage and connectivity capabilities. If your organization uses Sun technology today, you can benefit from our group of new and refurbished Sun products.

In 2010, Sun Microsystems was acquired by the computer technology company, Oracle Corporation. While Sun no longer exists as its own entity, Worldwide Supply still offers support for many of the company’s systems.

A Selection of Used Sun Microsystems Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we offer several of Sun Microsystems’ most popular server computers from the Enterprise, Netra, Sun Fire product lines and more. We also carry a broad range of interface and storage options for operators with Sun systems. 

Sun servers are manageable, reliable telecommunications solutions companies with older systems still use today. The line of Sun Enterprise servers was most commonly used in the late 1990s and early 2000s, after the Sun Netra brand’s release in 1994. Sun Fire is one of Sun’s later product lines, which was used by Oracle through the early 2010s.

If you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your current technology, ordering from Worldwide Supply’s selection of refurbished Sun equipment is a smart, affordable option. These servers and interfaces are durable and capable of handling complex multiprocessing applications. As dedicated providers of cost-effectiveness and high-quality telecom solutions, we’ll deliver your new or used Sun product with a lifetime warranty and an assurance of long-term reliability. 

We Accept Old Sun Systems

Organizations across various industries have all different types of systems and network requirements — that’s why we build our inventory out of the networking solutions of our customers. 

Through our sell equipment option or TradeNet opportunities, you can receive compensation for equipment you no longer need. If you have old Sun servers that you want to sell or trade for newer system components, we’ll develop a plan for removal right away.

Request a Quote for Refurbished Sun Products

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