Sunblade 150

Sun Sunblade 150 workstation

The Sun Blade 150 workstation is a uniprocessor system from Sun Microsystems. It supports a variety of monitors, from a 17-inch color CRT to a 24.1-inch LCD flat panel. It’s great for any size business thanks to its hard drive space and overall performance. If you purchase a refurbished Sun Blade 150 from Worldwide Supply, you get the same great benefits of the system at a lower price.

Benefits of Using a Sun Blade 150

The entire Sun Blade 150 system gives companies multiple benefits. From faster performance to a large power supply, your Sun Blade 150 is built to last and sustain your daily operations. Some notable features include:

  • Desktop-style system enclosure
  • One 40 GB, 7,200 RPM hard drive with the option to buy additional hard drive space
  • Two serial ports with one on the chassis back panel
  • Four USB ports

Buy and Sell With Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we have a large selection of Sun Blade 150 workstations as well as other network products. Our goal is to offer high-quality used products that give you the same level of performance without the high price tag. If you have a surplus of used Sun Blade 150 systems, we can give you cash in exchange. That money is a great way to purchase another refurbished product from Worldwide Supply to update your network.

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