Worldwide Supply Branded 100% OEM Compatible Optics – The “One Stop Shop” For All Of Your Optical Transceiver Needs.

Worldwide Supply offers an extensive portfolio of transceivers designed for the Telecom, Datacom, Wireless and Enterprise environments. Our well established manufacturing and supply chain process allows us to offer our clients the highest quality optical transceivers.

Support your existing networking equipment with a line of new optics manufactured by Worldwide Supply. Extend the capabilities of legacy infrastructure or meet the demands of your next-gen network with new 100% compatible products at significant savings compared to original OEM-branded optical equipment. Worldwide Supply’s line of optical products can network reliability. You’ll be able to:

  • Generate savings needed for investment and future-proofing.
  • Facilitate expansion without needing to update all of your legacy equipment.
  • Provide connections between multiple types of equipment and networking deployments.
  • Fulfill on-site spares inventory requirements as well as emergency repair support.

Receive competitive prices whether your network’s growth requires you to buy or sell optical equipment today. Take advantage of our immediate delivery options to locations across the globe.

Lifetime Warranty On Optics Products!

Buying new OEM compatible Worldwide Supply Optics guarantees the highest levels of quality and the most competitive prices as well as:

  • MSA (Multi Source Agreement) Specifications – Worldwide Supply optics are built to MSA Specifications to insure that they will function as an equal to an OEM branded optic.
  • Component Sourcing – Components are sourced internationally from major manufacturers such as Sumitomo for guaranteed quality.
  • Component Consistency – Major component parts such as lasers, eeproms, caps and resistors are “standardized” and performance is systematically track to ensure the consistency of the final products.
  • Component Control – Component production batches are serialized so trends can be identified and process improvements can be implemented.
  • Hardware Testing – Each Worldwide Supply optical transceiver is functionally tested before being processed to the lab for coding and further testing.
  • Coding Process – The coding process is consistent with OEM standards and performance is measured on key indicators such as laser output power, Rx power, temperature and voltage.
  • Compatibility Testing – Each part is tested in live applications to ensure compatibility with the intended OEM device.
  • Measurable Results – Worldwide Supply optics have a defective return rate of less than .0038%

View our full selection of optics equipment below: