General Instruments

Used General Instruments Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers support for a variety of OEMs and brands whose equipment has long passed its EOS and EOL dates. We know that these solutions still have a role to play in many networks around the world. You know the best answer to your needs, and sometimes it’s just about finding a partner who can help you locate it, repair it and get it ready for you.

That’s our role at Worldwide Supply and it’s why we carry and support brands like General Instruments. We offer a variety of used General Instruments equipment that has been brought back up to like-new status and is fully backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure you get the quality you deserve.

About General Instruments

General Instruments was a U.S. electronics manufacturer that built a wide range of semiconductors and cable TV equipment. Founded in the ’60s, the company was stable until 1997, when it was split into General Semiconductor, CommScope and NextLevel Systems.

NextLevel took over the General Instruments branding for a short time and then was acquired by Motorola in 2000 for around $17 billion. Following several acquisitions, the brand and its gear are now owned by ARRIS.

Get the Used Solutions You Need

Today, you can still buy popular used General Instruments equipment — especially modulators like the Commander 4 and 6 models. We also provide GI digital satellite receivers and instrument modules to help keep your network running when you need it.

By providing you with used General Instruments options, we’ll help you save up to 80% off OEM original pricing and even support some buy-backs when your network grows. Browse below or contact us directly to learn more.