General Instruments Satellite Receiver

General Instruments’ DSR-4400 is a fantastic digital satellite receiver that can help your company advance with quality technology. As a recognized leader in satellite programs, General Instrument created the DSR-4400 to be affordable and easy to use. Purchasing a refurbished model is an even more cost-effective version that will bring top quality to your company for a reasonable price.

Benefits of a Refurbished DSR-4400

A used DSR-4400 from General Instrument was designed with innovation in mind, including outstanding video and audio performance. This receiver can output two different video formats and automatically matches the programmer’s video format. Other benefits of buying a used DSR-4000 include:

  • Saving space by requiring only a single rack unit of space
  • DigiCipher® II conditional access control
  • Bypass video and audio inputs
  • Tuning from 4 MHz to 36 MHz
  • Dolby AC-3 audio processing

Other advantages to choosing a refurbished DSR-4400 exist, as well. First, you can save your business money by purchasing a quality refurbished option. We make sure the equipment you get is like new, and we offer outstanding customer support for all your needs. If you have a used DSR-4400 lying around, sell it to Worldwide Supply to get cash. You can invest that money back into your equipment, or help save your company money on overhead costs.

Third-Party Support

Worldwide Supply also provides third-party support when you need regular maintenance or help solving a larger issue with your equipment. Contact us today or give us a call at 888.328.2266 to learn more.

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