Protect Your Used and Refurbished Andrew Networking Equipment

The Andrew Corporation was a manufacturer of hardware for communications networks founded in 1937 that was scooped up by CommScope in 2007. It produced antennas, cables, amplifiers and other equipment for wireless communication and radio systems. CommScope has continued some products and moved new lines forward, but typically no longer supports equipment from the Andrew time.

Initially, it manufactured communications equipment and related hardware for military and civilian markets. With the deregulation of the long-distance telephone industry in the early 1970s, the company shifted to focus on private microwave antenna systems.

This led to a period of growth for the company — its sales exceeded $200 million in 1984, and it acquired several competitors throughout the 80s and 90s to further expand its market share. CommScope acquired the corporation in 2007 and continues to market a wide range of products, including distributed antenna systems, base stations, microwave backhaul systems cables, accessories and more, under the Andrew name.

Worldwide Supply is your partner if you need to maintain and service your used Andrew Corporation equipment. We know that you want to keep your existing gear operational, and sometimes that means buying additional used Andrew equipment, components and parts. Or, you’ll need to find an expert with experience and institutional knowledge to understand older systems.

Used and Refurbished Andrew Products

With the company’s long history and diverse product lineup, finding parts for legacy Andrew Corporation systems can be a challenge. Worldwide Supply can help. We carry an extensive inventory of used and refurbished Andrew products, including DryLine dehydrators, antennas, coaxial cables and more.

We test our products extensively to ensure they meet the OEM specifications. Shipping is fast and economical as well — with a network of distribution centers in Europe and the Americas, we can fulfill most orders within one day. Best of all, we stand behind our used Andrew products with a lifetime warranty.

Explore our inventory of used and remanufactured Andrew Corporation parts and products below. Our certified engineers are available to help you choose the right part or provide more information about any item — call us at 888.328.2266 or get in touch by email for assistance.

New and Used Andrew Networking Equipment Repair

Your network runs on a mix of equipment, including some used Andrew networking gear. All of those items need to work in concert or you can risk a failure at any juncture. You’ve got to keep track of every piece plus maintenance schedules, agreements and much more. Don’t let that overwhelm your team and lead to network problems and downtime.

Turn to Worldwide Supply to gain a comprehensive repair and maintenance program that covers all of your network and equipment. We provide multiple packages and options to cover multiple OEMs under a single contract.

That’s simpler maintenance to make sure your used Andrew equipment, Cisco gear, Nokia routers and much more all run smoothly and together. Read more about our comprehensive repair programs here.

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