Faced with Cisco Hardware End-of-Life? Know Your Options

cisco e o l1All is well in your IT world then a pesky Cisco notification comes announcing that some routers, switches or other equipment you are using will no longer be supported.  Here comes end-of-life (EoL) – an IT manager’s nightmare.

Cisco EoL announcements do not mean you should feel pressured to immediately upgrade your network or find another costly solution.  Here are some options to consider when your equipment is being called “obsolete” by Cisco.

5 Reasons Not to Cave to Cisco End-of-Life Notifications:

  1. Replacement Equipment is Readily AvailableWorldwide Supply carries popular current generation, difficult to find previous generation and EoL equipment to support your existing network, at an affordable price.
  2. Spare Precious CAPEX Funds – Delay capital expenditures by keeping your current equipment and avoiding a costly full forklift upgrade.  Plus – make your CFO happy.
  3. Cost-Effective Maintenance Alternatives – Full service, 24x7x365 support with next day equipment delivery programs like Worldwide Supply’s NetGuard are available for more than 50% off the price of Cisco SMARTnet.
  4. Save Limited IT Resources – Upgrading your network with new gear entails a significant number of labor hours on your staff’s part.  Keeping the equipment that is in good working order will save your IT resources for critical projects.
  5. Green Up your IT Program – Becoming eco-friendly may not be an immediate priority for your company, but a way to start greening up your IT program is to keep your EoL equipment instead of sending it to a landfill.    

These are just some of the reasons not to fall to OEM upgrade pressures.  Your equipment is working properly, so how do you explain to your CFO that you need an upgrade simply because Cisco warns that you do?  You no longer need an answer to that question and you certainly do not need to fill out those exhaustive CAPEX request forms.

Next time you get a Cisco EoL notification, consider contacting Worldwide Supply as an alternative solution and for a NetGuard maintenance program quote.

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