CloudSparing™: Spare Parts Protection for Telecoms, Data Centers and Enterprises

By Owen Grohman, Director of Services

(A cost-effective solution to slash critical spares inventory overhead)

Worldwide Supply

Since 2004, Worldwide Supply has been focused on satisfying our clients’ needs now–and down the line. We exceed expectations by solving problems before they happen. One of the most common risks for wireless and telecom operators is the ability to cost-effectively inventory spare parts.

An IT person’s worst nightmare can become a reality when a part or equipment fails, resulting in system-wide downtime. While waiting for the OEM to finally ship the part you need, profits are spiraling down the drain. But with Cloud-Sparing™, included in our exclusive NetGuard maintenance program at no additional charge, you’ll be protected with a cost-effective, stress-free solution which includes ready-to-install critical-need spares, if and when they are needed.

Exclusively for NetGuard third party maintenance partners, Cloud-Sparing™ offers:

  • Worldwide Supply-owned equipment and spare parts inventoried at your site/s for immediate deployment.
  • Private and secure web portal and dedicated phone line for 24-hour delivery of spare parts orders.
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical support provided by in-house, certified system engineers

CloudSparing™ will immediately increase efficiency, slash inventory costs and diminish the chance of system downtime.

Why CloudSparing™ Will Save Time, Money and Outage Crises

For the majority of larger enterprises today, the networking team tells the purchasing manager (supply chain) how many parts they need, and the Purchasing team buys what they recommend. This method trades current OpEx $ for the comfort and safety of knowing a part is there when you need it.

But there is a flaw in this system:

Networking understandably wants to avoid any critical shortages, which could result in system downtime, so they will often “overbuy,” boosting inventory costs on a product that is not in use.

CloudSparing™ Protects IP’s, Data Centers, Utilities and Larger Enterprises from System Downtime

The added level of security Cloud Sparing™ offers is also a less expensive alternative to working with an OEM.  And the process is simple and direct:

Example: Steve needs 10 service routers on the shelf for next year, at a cost of $500/each. From experience, he usually requires about five routers a year; but increased volume is anticipated, and if he doesn’t build-in the request for multiple spares to this year’s budget, he may not be able to garner additional funding down the road. So to play it safe, he purchases 10 units at a total expenditure of $5,000.

Conversely, Joe talks to Worldwide Supply and discovers CloudSparing™ is included in Worldwide Supply’s third party maintenance program, NetGuard.

Worldwide Supply manages end-to-end (not just one OEM brand) network equipment maintenance for global, multi-site enterprises. Our system engineers and technicians have decades of on-the-ground experience and use this expertise to offset any potential system outages.


 Since we maintain one of the largest multi-vendor data networking equipment inventories in the world, our engineers can forecast how many units will be necessary to cover Steve’s networking needs,and offer the same service router, refurbished and fully-guaranteed, at just $100/unit.


Eliminating Spare Overbuys and the Platinum OEM Maintenance Stranglehold

IT professionals are quickly coming to the realization that the OEM’s mission is to optimize profits by securing overly stringent SLAs and inflating pricing for critical-need products. As a result, enterprises need to identify alternative sources who can provide the same (or better) products and services, at more realistic prices.

This is the premise from which Worldwide Supply was established—to offer top-tier, branded network equipment and professional maintenance services at a cost far below the traditional hardware OEM.

We welcome the opportunity to talk about your system needs and how we can improve the quality of your replacement products and maintenance service, at a cost far below what you are paying right now.

We’d like to learn more about your network equipment and maintenance protection needs. Then we’ll create a customized proposal to safeguard your system while keeping your budget in line. Contact our system engineers to learn more about Cloud-Sparing™ and NetGuard at or call (973) 250-4960 to learn more about Worldwide Supply’s NetGuard Maintenance.



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