5 Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned Certified Networking Hardware in 2012

Aligning yourself with a quality management-certified supplier of networking equipment has many benefits beyond price.  Here are five reasons why you should consider pre-owned equipment in 2012.

  1. It will save you money – Buying fully-tested, certified pre-owned hardware from a quality management certified vendor can provide 50% – 95% cost savings from what OEMs offer.  Avoid the pressure from OEMs to upgrade or replace your end-of-life equipment by buying from the secondary market.
  2. It will make you money – Many sellers of used networking and telecommunications equipment buy excess or used gear.  Selling unwanted equipment is a smart choice that can get you cash, a credit for future purchases or needed equipment.
  3. It will give your hardware a facelift – Trading in older, near end-of-life equipment for certified pre-owned gear is a simple way to refresh equipment too costly to buy new.
  4. It will free up your internal resources – Working with a reputable secondary market supplier who can drop-ship equipment when you need it can help reduce your warehouse inventory costs of housing replacement hardware and parts.  In addition to saving you 50% – 90% off the OEM maintenance plans, signing up with a maintenance program like NetGuard will provide you with Certified Service Engineers when you need them allowing you to allocate scarce technical resources to critical projects.
  5. It will make your IT program greener – Becoming eco-friendly may not be an immediate priority for your company, but it can be easy to achieve when you purchase, trade or sell used networking and telecommunications equipment from a secondary supplier instead of sending the old equipment to a landfill.

Whether you opt to partner with Worldwide Supply or another  TL 9000 certified secondary market supplier, consider the benefits beyond just cost savings when making a decision.

For more information, visit https://worldwidesupply.net/.

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