Top 12 Enterprise Networking Products for 2019

Top 12 Enterprise Networking Products 2019

IT trends like the IoT, cloud-based services and data analytics are driving today’s businesses to constantly upgrade their networks to keep up with customer and commercial demands. While shiny new hardware solutions are available to companies, they come at a premium price that many small- to medium-sized businesses simply can’t afford.

The good news is that refurbished IT equipment can be an affordable answer to the needs of businesses and individuals looking to upgrade their networks without exceeding their budgets. Plus, many who choose this route find that the benefits of purchasing items like refurbished network routers, switches and telephony equipment aren’t limited to just their reduced price tags.

As more and more businesses are discovering, refurbished network solutions from Worldwide Supply come with our industry-leading lifetime warranty that beats the standard limited warranties on most new equipment. In addition, we offer an ever-expanding inventory of products, an incredibly low defect rating of 0.3% and a super fast delivery service that’s 99% on-time. You can get great selection, quality and service without ever getting locked into the costly OEM maintenance and upgrade contracts new equipment providers often require.

The result is that the buying of used and refurbished IT equipment is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. So with our finger squarely on the pulse of the sales trends we’ve noticed so far this year, we’ve compiled the following list of the 12 most popular enterprise devices you’d be well advised to put on your refurbished equipment wish list for 2019.

1. Cisco WS-C2960-X-48FPS

At Worldwide Supply, we’ve seen a growing number of businesses take advantage of the versatility and enterprise-class functionality of refurbished network switches like the Cisco 2960 series switch. Since we have a variety of Cisco refurbished switches to offer, you can get the switch you need ready to take on the bandwidth you require while still keeping your network secure.

With an original release date of May 2013, our Cisco Catalyst 2960 series of refurbished switches are fully brought up to OEM standards and ready for delivery to support the range of options — like gigabit Ethernet connectivity and LAN capabilities — that today’s IT administrators and managers demand in their networks.

2. Cisco WS-C3650-24PS-E

The ability to expand your network has never been easier than with the next generation of standalone and stackable refurbished Cisco 3650 series switches. These enterprise-grade switches provide a solid foundation for the convergence of wired and wireless networks in one comprehensive platform.

Our refurbished Cisco C3650 series switches take advantage of Unified Access Data Plane and Cisco StackWise to allow the creation of flexible, optimized and high-quality networks that combine wired and wireless functions in one robust device.

3. Cisco ASR-920-12C2-A

If you’re looking for the cutting edge in modern routers, a feature-rich refurbished Cisco ASR 920 Series Aggregation Services router won’t disappoint. These temperature-hardened devices provide scalable, all-inclusive Layer 2 and 3 VPN services in one compact package.

Plus, with low power consumption and high throughput, a Cisco refurbished Aggregation Services router offers a great way of providing cost-effective delivery of even the most complex business services — making this device ideal for a variety of video, voice and data applications.

4. Ciena 6500 Systems

Maximize your network assets and distribute your services to end users more effectively with a refurbished Ciena OME 6500 Packet-Optical Platform. These multi-port, multi-protocol devices support the high bandwidths that are often demanded by applications such as internet video, IPTV, mobile video and HD programming.

To meet your specific needs, we offer four different models of the Ciena OME 6500 family — including the Ciena OME 6500-D2, the Ciena OME 6500-D7/S8, the Ciena OME 6500-S32 and the Ciena OME 6500 T-Series. All are brought up to OEM standards before leaving our facility.

5. Cisco IP Phones

Voice over IP — or VoIP — phones provide a cost-effective communication alternative for budget-minded businesses of all sizes. Best of all, with refurbished telephone systems as part of Cisco Unified Communications, you can access voice, data, video and mobile applications across a wide assortment of platforms.

This highly versatile communication solution is designed with high audio quality and easy programming in mind. When you’re looking to increase worker productivity at an economical price, consider refurbished Cisco IP telephony.

6. Infinera TAM-1-100GE

Infinera is known for its cutting-edge photonic integrated circuit technologies, and a refurbished Infinera TAM-1-100GE doesn’t disappoint. This powerful device can simplify your network while simultaneously enhancing its resilience and flexibility.

All of our refurbished Infinera TAM-1-100GE devices are brought up to OEM standards and ready to operate within Infinera’s DTN switched WDM system that supports speeds of up to 100 Gbps.

7. Infinera XLM-5-C3

Ideal for your long-haul and connectivity needs, a refurbished Infinera XLM-5-C3 networking device is made with a focus on WDM optical transmission — like much of the Infinera family of interfaces and modules.

Along with the rest of our refurbished Infinera equipment, our Infinera XLM-5-C3 switching line modules are thoroughly tested and certified to operate like new before leaving our state-of-the-art test facility.

8. Cisco SFP-10G-SR

Much like the GLC-LH-SM, our refurbished Cisco SFP-10G-SR is an SFP+ transceiver with a 10-kilometer reach and a simple-to-use plug-and-play installation method. As an SFP+ module, however, it’s capable of far higher data rates — of up to 16 Gbps — than regular SFPs.

Because of their enhanced strength and speed, SFP+ transceivers can be very costly to purchase new. The chance to purchase them refurbished means small businesses can upgrade their infrastructures at a fraction of the cost.

9. Cisco WS-2960-24TC-S

Our refurbished Cisco WS-2960-24TC-S stackable Gigabit Ethernet access switches come with automatic software installation and port configuration, making them incredibly easy to set up and manage.

What’s even better is that these refurbished switches are reasonably priced and energy-efficient yet offer many of the benefits of newer Cisco models. Plus, now that this device is at the end of its life, purchasing refurbished is the ideal way to access this enterprise-class technology in 2019.

10. Cisco A9K-4x100GE-TR

Fully compatible with most Cisco ASR routers, our refurbished Cisco A9K-4x100GE-TR 4-port line cards with 100 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities deliver high density to any slot on a Cisco 9000 series Aggregation Services Router.

With our refurbished high-capacity line cards, you can successfully remove bandwidth bottlenecks in your network, which are often caused by large traffic increases due to services such as VoD, IPTV and cloud applications. For an affordable price, you’ll get the freedom to mix and match all types of interfaces on one comprehensive line card.

11. Juniper MIC6-100G-CFP12

With up to 80% off our refurbished line of Juniper products, your network upgrades can be accomplished while also staying within your budget. Juniper products are known for providing outstanding network service solutions.

In addition, each of our refurbished Juniper MIC6-100G-CFP12 units comes with our lifetime warranty and expert technical support so that you can shop — and save — with confidence.

12. Adtran 908E Series 3 Routers

We carry a wide selection of cost-effective Adtran products ready to enhance your network with broadband access, Ethernet switches and IP business gateways. And just like Worldwide Supply, Adtran is both TL9000 and ISO:9001 certified, so you can be doubly assured of the quality and reliability of the Adtran products we offer — like our refurbished Adtran 908E Series 3 routers.

Take Advantage of Refurbished Network Equipment

Simply put, new network equipment is no longer the only way for budget-conscious operations to improve their IT infrastructure and networks. Network upgrades using refurbished equipment from Worldwide Supply come with a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Better warranties
  • Easy access to replacements

If you’re thinking about adding refurbished equipment to your network this year, consider using Worldwide Supply to buy or sell your devices.