M&A Technology Migration Services

Merging two complex IT networks into one can be painful. Your IT department is busy enough; adding a high-visibility project may impact their ability to serve their current internal clients. The fact that the company being acquired may have totally foreign technology and that migration needs to happen quickly to make sure there is no user downtime only complicates matters.

Worldwide Supply specializes in partnering with your IT department to drive these migrations to completion. On one recent project, the Executive Director of IT said of our work, “Awesome job…thanks for jumping through hoops on short notice.”

The Worldwide Supply Differentiators:

  • We are Worldwide – literally: many of our projects include multiple locations in the US and overseas, integrated concurrently
  • Focus on the job, not the scope: We find that there isn’t always time to thoroughly survey acquired sites, and it’s common to find unexpected elements. So we don’t worry too much about what’s in and out of SOW. We’ll just bill based on actual hours worked towards getting the job done
  • Project Managers double as Senior Network Engineers: Basic user migration might only require a mid-level Tech, but those “surprise!” moments can require superior capability. So our Project Managers are all senior and can apply their knowledge to the project without up-charging you

Sample Scope of Work from a recent project:

Backup Assessment & Environment Assessment 

  • Perform a complete review of the company’s existing server backup solution including:
    • Ensuring all databases are properly dumped and backed up
    • Ensure data can be restored
    • Identify limitations with the system / process today
    • Identification of gaps / issues that could cause loss of data that could impact operations / customers
    • Short-term remediation plan
  • Perform a complete review of the company’s servers & desktops & to do an AD migration & assist with patching desktops


  • Site VPN setup; Firewall Install; site re-IP
  • Migrate to PA Firewalls and Migrate Servers into the (acquirer) domain. Provide additional troubleshooting service post-migration
  • Configuration of DESKTOP/LAPTOP devices:
    • Reconfigure pre-installed Outlook clients to point to Office 365
    • Reposition existing mail data as an additional mailbox in Outlook client
    • Migrate users & computers to (acquirer) Active Directory
    • Install/Verify Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Client
    • Install/Verify Anti-Virus software
    • Install/Test VPN client software for users requiring it

Contact us online, at  sales@worldwidesupply.net or call 888.328.2266 to learn more about our M&A Technology Migration services.