Buy New and Used QSFP Optics

Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable optics, or QSFP optics, are a smart transceiver design to keep equipment compact while also allowing for hot-swapping within data communications services. QSFP optics follow the MSA form-factor guidelines, so they are compatible across networks and deployments.

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of new and used QSFP optics designed to work with servers, switches and other networking equipment to passive and active electrical copper as well as fiber optics. QSFP is an industry standard and we ensure all of the products we sell adhere to that standard.

Benefits of Refurbished QSFP Optics

A QSFP transceiver supports ethernet, fiber channel and InfiniBand standards, and receivers typically match XFP dimensions. Increase your port density and cost savings by choosing equipment designed to build a better network.

The benefit of choosing Worldwide Supply for your refurbished QSFP optics is that we can boost you to 40 Gigabit Ethernet performance for DCs and networks, with options that are always MSA-compatible and tested to work with a variety of network deployments as well as specific networking equipment.

We run a complete testing lab, so no used QSFP leave our doors without being ensured that they operate correctly in real-world scenarios. Plus, we back everything with a lifetime warranty and offer maintenance packages that can extend beyond the used QSFP optics you buy from us to cover hundreds of product families from dozens of OEMs.

Secure the right QSFP equipment at as much as 80% off standard OEM pricing and robust support to keep these products running for years to come.

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