Commscope Power Adapter for Subscriber Amplifiers ac/dc 15 V 300 mA

Do you have a subscriber amplifier in need of power but aren’t sure where to turn? Look no further than the CommScope SVAPA15V300.

Worldwide Supply offers a comprehensive line of CommScope SVAPA15V300 power adapters for subscriber amplifiers support AC and DC needs, at 15V and 300 mA. It’s a Type A plug and part of the HomeConnect brand.

CommScope and Worldwide Supply

Our used and refurbished CommScope SVAPA15V300 options are part of an overall commitment to having exactly what you need, when you need it. We stock a variety of parts, not just these power adapters, so your equipment never needs to experience prolonged downtime.

We’ll be there with the right parts right away, often offering 24-hour delivery windows in today’s largest markets. Plus, our comprehensive warranty and support systems cover things like used CommScope SVAPA15V300 power options.

Consider joining our NetGuard maintenance program designed specifically to reduce downtime and improve your bottom line without costing you extra for additional product lines or OEMs. We support more than 100 current and legacy families with a single, easy contract instead of messy single-vendor options.

Worldwide Supply has thousands of parts, products and supplies available and staged across the globe. When you need it, we’re ready. Don’t get left in the lurch or experience unnecessary interrupts ever again.

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