CommScope LXS-16016-AC

The CommScope LXS-16016-AC is a wideband edge QAM with one PSC, eight QLC, one OIC 10 GE and two AC power supplies. It’s designed to give you the support you need when transferring digital information between distant points in your network.

The CommScope LXS-16016-AC can help you transmit more over the same period of time, increasing bandwidth effectively and making it easier to support MSO and other network operators’ needs for video, voice and data.

QAM is the lifeblood of CommScope’s efforts in video, ensuring proper formatting of services in hubs and headends to manage delivery to the end subscriber. QAMs like a used or refurbished CommScope LXS-16016-AC from Worldwide Supply can help network providers just like you to significantly reduce operating expenses and infrastructure needs.

Today, we often see the older racks of QAMs falling by to be taken over with just a few used CommScope LXS-16016-AC units and other modular QAMs that support the entire 50 MHz–1 GHz spectrum on each port.

Worldwide Supply has a full selection of refurbished CommScope LXS-16016 repaired and upgraded to reach OEM standards for modern deployments. You’ll still save significantly, but get a full warranty on all the equipment you purchase from us. That often means saving today on the initial purchase, and saving even more tomorrow with maintenance and proper assistance throughout the life of these QAMs.

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