Nortel Cellular Base Stations

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Nortel equipment is known for its high level of quality and durability — that’s why many service providers and businesses use it to operate their network systems. Since the company sold its assets, Nortel products have been a little more challenging to come by. But at Worldwide Supply, we still provide a wide range of Nortel equipment, including a line of used Nortel cellular base stations.

These base stations offer high-density support for all your wireless and mobile network needs. If you’re looking for a way to improve your network’s infrastructure without having to invest in a total upgrade, a Nortel base station could be the solution for you.

Buy Used Nortel Base Stations

Enhance your existing network by adding Nortel base stations that specialize in adding capacity for your wireless network. You’ll be able to support standard telephonic equipment from local wireless networks, existing optical fiber, multimedia and accelerators.

We proudly sell Metro Cell and GSM base stations from Nortel. With these products, you can maximize your network’s voice and data services while improving your wireless capabilities. By delivering fast, reliable wireless services to more consumers, you can strengthen your network and leave room to grow as demands increase. We carry a variety of product models and types, so feel free to contact us for a quote if you find the solution you’re looking for.

Working With Worldwide Supply

Unsure if buying a refurbished piece of equipment is right for you? At Worldwide Supply, we carry many used and refurbished Nortel cellular base stations. The benefit of investing in a used model is that you’ll most likely be able to get an OEM-standard product for less than half the price of a new one from the manufacturer or another seller. We test and refurbish all our Nortel products to make sure they’re prepared for demanding network environments before we sell them.

In addition, we’ll help keep your network components in top shape even after your purchase. We know how financially detrimental it can be for your business when you have to take downtime to address technical issues and perform repairs. With our preventative maintenance strategies and remote technical support, you can reduce these risks and create a more secure, dependable system.

Sell Nortel Cellular Base Stations

Used Nortel base stations provide support for a variety of mobile broadband services. Worldwide Supply offers a top return on your investment when you sell Nortel cellular base stations, routers, switches, Ethernet processors and network accelerators. If you’re looking to sell equipment, contact us online or give us a call at 888.328.2266.