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Transition your network to pack-based radio performance by deploying Ceragon FibeAir wireless backhaul products. You can scale affordably with this series of microwave radios that combines TDM with Ethernet functionality — it can support up to 100Mbps full-duplex throughput. Minimize your costs as you enhance your operations and strengthen network capabilities by integrating used Ceragon microwave radios. Worldwide Supply has a broad selection of FibeAir equipment with options to buy used Ceragon microwave radios.

The FibeAir series can support multiple network deployments applications including:

  • TDM networks
  • IP/Ethernet networks
  • Hybrid TDM-Ethernet networks

With products across licensed & license-exempt frequencies from 2.0 to 5.8GHz — and a reach of up to 75 miles — Ceragon has created radios that provide a robust air interface.

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Buy Used Ceragon Microwave Radios

The FibeAir line is optimized for private network applications and has been deployed across municipalities, utility networks, public safety networks and business access applications. Systems have also been deployed to support mobile networks and manage backhaul traffic.

The Ceragon FibeAir radios are cost-effective, wireless replacements for DSL. Take advantage of that functionality when you buy used Ceragon microwave radios from Worldwide Supply. You can also futureproof your short-haul and long-haul operations with modular systems that support a variety of radio technologies. Maximize your budget by selecting used Ceragon microwave radios.

Sell Ceragon Microwave Radios

Used equipment from OEMs including Ceragon can remove budget constraints and reduce warehousing costs when you elect to sell it. Worldwide Supply maintains our stock of used and refurbished equipment through sales and trade-ins, ensuring a steady flow of parts and equipment. Used equipment also allows you to reduce the upfront costs and improve your network. Generate a short-term revenue option when you sell Ceragon microwave radios for top value.

Lifetime Warranty Options

Worldwide Supply wants to ease the decision to buy used Ceragon microwave radios by making a lifetime warranty available to all pre-owned Ceragon and other OEM equipment.  Browse our Ceragon Microwave Radios below or give us a call at 888.328.2266 to learn more!